My sister, in high school, occasionally ran across an article of clothing that OH MY GOSH SHE ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE. For example, the Benetton Rugby Shirt. If you were a teenage girl in the mid-80’s (or just went to school alongside them), you’ll remember it:


Fairly straightforward, as these things go. Good colors, nice lines. The name of the company featuring prominently, lest peers not notice that you’re wearing the Benetton one as opposed to, say, the one available at Caldor (does Caldor even still exist? Hrm… nope. Looks like it shut down in 1999. Pity. Think “discount department store”).

Well, Mom said something like “okay, we’ll get you this particular article of clothing, if you go 50/50 on it.” This tempered some of my sister’s zeal for certain articles of clothing… but I remember that shirt very, very well because there were days when every single seventh and eighth grade girl (who had one) wore it to school. “WE DIDN’T PLAN THIS!”, they told us.

Anyway, for her last birthday, I found this (well, maybe not that exact one, but one that looked exactly like that one). I got it for her. She opened the box and she laughed very, very loudly. She explained that, sometimes, they *DID* plan to wear them all on the same day, way back when.

Which brings me to this: My nephew wants Those Shoes. He plays fifty million different sports, he’s pretty popular as these things go, and he’s neck deep in the whole “middle school status” thing and, as far as I can tell, he’s playing the game fairly well.

As we all know, Those Shoes are really, really expensive. Plus there’s the fact that the kid is in middle school and his feet are going to grow two sizes before this time next year so that provides a disincentive to say “sure, you’re on the basketball team” (which he is) and get him Those Shoes that he wants.

So my sister has taken a page from mom’s book and said “okay, your clothing budget for the next six months is $350. You can spend that on whatever you want, but you need to have a minimum number of outfits so you can’t just buy Those Shoes and wear clothing that’s too small for you.”

For what it’s worth, I totally approve of this. Well played. Good parenting, all around.

The nephew’s eyes got all squinty and he gamed this out and said “I’m going to get Those Shoes and just get all of my clothing from Goodwill.”

For what it’s worth, I totally approve of this. Well played. Good childing, all around.

So it’s *HIS* birthday coming up. We’re going to get him a $50 Kohl’s gift card.

But we’re going to hide that in the box under some Doctor Scholls inserts.

I also have to go to Costco this weekend but that will be less exciting than asking my nephew if he’s gellin’.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is Tristan and Isolde Drinking the Love Potion by Gautier Map from the Messire Lancelot du Lac. He did most of his stuff in the 12th and 13th century so I figure it’s in the public domain.)

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23 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Your uncle/nephew relationship sounds absolutely adorable.

    It’s my birthday week. My best friend took me out to dinner *and* lunch, because I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and my party is Saturday!!! I’ve rented a local, second-run movie theater. We’re watching My Neighbor Totoro! I’ve ordered all of the pizza, wine, and pie. I’ve purchased all of the essentials for the big birthday breakfast. I am pampering myself this weekend as all birthday people should. :)


  2. In addition to the nephew’s family birthday party, there is also gaming on Saturday and a get together with friends on Sunday.

    In less fun news, I am really hoping my flare-up slackens off so I can do Max Chores in preparation for not being home NEXT weekend. (Wooo! Leaguefest!!!!)


  3. Family vacation starts this week. My mother rents a house for the week on the Jersey shore, which is better that you would think based on reality television. My extended family gathers every year. My older daughter is quivering with anticipation. She started packing two weeks ago. I am responsible for breakfasts. Tomorrow morning I will go to the local meat market and buy a slab of bacon. This is the key to my popularity within the family. That at the double batch of gingersnaps I baked last night. Sadly, my older niece won’t be there as she is Extremely Great With Child: too great to fly. When my mother offered to pay for a train ticket she didn’t consider the idea worth a reply. But my younger niece will be there, and my kids adore her. I recently picked up a book on Amos Alonzo Stagg and the University of Chicago: splendid beach reading!


  4. Wahoo! Weekend! Camp is done today. I’m grabbing a drink with some colleagues to celebrate the end of summer (assuming Mayo will cooperate) and then will head home. If there is time, maybe Mayo and I will go swimming or play in the yard before Zazzy comes to get them. I’ll spend the weekend with a new lady friend, probably lounging by the county pool with the lazy river (YAY Westchester!) and then adventuring in the city. Early Sunday morning I’m on a plane to Boulder (via Denver) for work and team building and a little R&R.


  5. Last music festival of the summer for us, so we’ll be out camping-that-barely-counts-as-camping.

    Then it’s back go town for the gaaah-terror-mortgage-lawyer-appointment-insurance-how-have-we-spent-so-much-time-packing-and-nothing-is-packed-the-shed-trailer-isn’t-ready-I’ve-never-built-a-subfloor-before process.


    • Yup: That’s not camping. It merely is substandard lodging accommodations. But I am a camping snob. To me it means you carried all your gear some number of miles away from your car.


      • I have somewhat more lax standards for camping than you do, but even I reckon if you can buy waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, and then several people can eat those waffles while sitting together in the shade of the stage left speaker stack, you’re doing something other than camping…


  6. This weekend in the briars will be survival of the fittest plant life. It’s been something like 6-8 weeks without rain of any measure. Sun is in full bake mode, grass dried to a bona fide tan crisp. Tomatoes didn’t make it, probably need to start them much, much, earlier in the season.

    A couple of of cactus planted last spring will likely perish. Not all cactus can handle water deprivation, but its no big loss as there are alway a dozen or so sprigs from tougher kinds ready to plant. Planted two column cactus on the ninth, 91 degrees in mid morning, they seem to prosper in the heat.

    Spiny hackberries are in full fruit. Last weekend the son and I picked a couple handfuls. Bushes are still loaded with the little pea sized orange fruit, will likely stroll out for a snack.
    Amy bartered computer work for fresh catfish, scheduled fish fry on sunday.
    Maybe go swimming if we find the time.


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