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4 Responses

  1. Road Scholar says:

    The Police are already irritated at all of these new players wandering around staring at their phones at all hours presenting identically to prowlers.

    Yeah, Geocaching has the same issue.Report

  2. veronica d says:

    Yeah, the Pokémon thing is fun. Harvard Square today just crawling with the little critters. Who knew!

    People sure were looking at me funny. That said, it’s kind cool playing the guess who else is playing game.

    They need to adapt it so it works on the subway. Surely the Pokémons need to get around.

    I haven’t fought anyone yet. I mean, not in the game.Report

    • veronica d in reply to veronica d says:

      So after one day: the game is fun. Pokémons abound. They’re fun to catch. The little breakfast joint near my apartment is one of the “arena” things where you can fight, although I’m not a high enough level yet to do that. It seams my neighborhood is pretty quiet on the Pokémon front, although I did catch one on the way to dinner. But the point is, I doubt I’ll find many challenging fights here. Which is fine. The whole point is to get out, to engage.

      Like, the Boston Common was crawling the fuckers. I’m sure those arenas will be rocking. Or by my office, which is adjacent to MIT. There will be much there.

      I’ve heard they got a lot of there geo-data from Ingress, so we can expect Ingress-rich areas to have more.

      Anyway, it seems a game for we urbanites. I guess. Surely it’s better than that stupid cat game, but perhaps not as social as Ingress. But still, it gets you out of the house.

      Download it. Play. It’s fun.Report

  3. El Muneco says:

    Shen’s Last Gift DLC has gotten me to dust off XCOM2 again. The new mission isn’t terribly original, but it’s been a challenge, and it’s fun to watch Lily out of her comfort zone in Engineering and prodding buttock out in the field (heh, “lily in the field”). I might even spring for the last DLC pack to get the mission with Central, but I’m leery that the new aliens will unbalance things.Report