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  1. Kazzy says:

    I had a big and very exciting weekend planned. Then Mayo got strep, but fortunately we caught in Wednesday and he is non-contagious and back to normal today. Zazzy has it as well. We think LMA might have. And now I’m a diagnosis away from making it a perfect sweep. I don’t know how much of the big and exciting weekend I can salvage, partly because certain events will be knocked out so long as I’m contagious while others might be priced out now that I’ve lost two days of work which go unpaid in the summer.


    • dragonfrog in reply to Kazzy says:

      Boo to streptococcus aureus! I hope you all feel better soon.Report

      • Kazzy in reply to dragonfrog says:

        I was strep free which is good because strep is miserable but bad because it meant a virus that I just need to let run its course. I was fever-y all weekend but pushed through and stuck with my plans. We hit the pool (in the rain!), traveled to Boston, met two new babies (with me in a hazmat suit), saw several friends’ kids we hadn’t seen in a year+, hit my favorite taco joint in the world, visited the Museum of Science, had a late night talking with an old college friend, caught up with high school friends, and then dropped the boys off with their maternal grandparents for a week’s vacation with them and their mom. I now have a week off! Well, I’m working 9-1 but will then be free with the city as my oyster. And while there are errands, tasks, and chores to do, I can do them on my own schedule! I can go to the grocery store at 9pm or the gym at 6am or get a haircut at 4pm on a Tuesday instead of rushing for 2 hours via three different forms of travel to get Mayo to his speech therapy. IS THAT WHAT CHILDLESS PEOPLE DO ALL THE TIME?Report

  2. dragonfrog says:

    We bought an open deck trailer yesterday and pulled out a section of fence so we could fit it on the driveway (it’s not plated yet, so it would be illegal to park on the street). This weekend we probably start turning it into a covered trailer.

    The idea is, as we pack the house in preparation for the move, the boxes can go straight into the trailer, ready to tow to the new house on moving day. The trailer will ultimately end up serving as a sort of mobile tool shed for Mr. T’s work.

    My parents are coming through on Sunday evening on their way to a week in the mountains. We’ll have dinner together, and on Monday they’ll take kiddo with them. Lucky kid gets two vacations in quick succession! We get a week with a bit more room and free time to pack, which should be quite helpful too.Report

    • dragonfrog in reply to dragonfrog says:

      Oooh, and, squeaking in just under the wire before Canada Post workers get locked out, I received the pink and blue handlebar grip tapes I ordered. So I’ll get my road bike one step closer to its ultimate sexxay appearance.

      I’ve already built a pink front wheel, and a blue rear rim is on order through the bike co-op. I don’t know if delivery of that rim depends on the post office, or if that order uses a private courier company.Report

  3. Mike Dwyer says:

    We are implementing a new account at work on Monday, which has been prepping for 4 months, so this weekend is about the Calm Before The Storm. Just counting my blessings it is in Louisville, not New Hampshire like last year. Luckily, this is UFC 200 weekend, so there were fights last night, fights tonight, and the big card tomorrow. I’ll have some friends over, order some wings or pizza, and scream at the television for 5 hours. Should be fun.

    Sunday I need to prep for the work week. For my lunches I will need things that are easy to eat with one hand while typing and talking with the other. Hopefully a good night sleep, a decent workout at the gym to get the brain firing and then it’s off to the races on Monday morning.Report

  4. Jaybird says:

    Chicken Wings And Hummus.

    A while back, I watched Remy’s humorous video talking about chicken wings and hummus and laughed but thought “I don’t like hummus that much” and didn’t think about it for a good long while and then, in Qatar, they served up chicken wings at the hotel and they had hummus right next to it so I thought “well, I’ll try a tablespoon with a couple of them” and *OH MY GOODNESS* whatever was in my head that didn’t like hummus broke because this was the most wonderful combination ever.


    Seriously. Get you some.Report

  5. Maribou says:

    Goin’ to the sand dunes!

    Infrequent commenter Dman’s wife and kid are going down tonight, but I couldn’t get out of work due to serious illness on the part of one of our employees… so Dman is picking me up and driving me down tomorrow and we’re all going to have lunch. Then he’s heading back up here and me and his wife and kid are gonna camp out overnight.

    I am a lucky person with some very good friends 🙂

    Tonight will be spent recuperating enough to manage camping, Sunday will be spent recovering from camping, Monday will be spent being productive and may include a work meeting :(.Report

  6. Aaron David says:

    The wife and I are home! Not as far as you went Jay, but far enough. Two days in the car, three at the FIL’s then two more in car. All with a remarkable behaved little dog.

    So relax, beers with a friend in the city tomorrow, and nothing else.Report

  7. Jaybird says:

    How’s about that Brock Lesnar?

    I spend too much time thinking “that person is ahead of their time” and not enough thinking “that person ought to have been born in 600 B.C.”

    Thanks, Brock. Thanks for keeping me in balance.Report

    • Mike Dwyer in reply to Jaybird says:

      I was glad to see him win, because I did always feel like he got screwed by his health in his last UFC run. With that said, it was like watching two fights at once. When he was on his feet he looked SO uncomfortable. He only threw maybe 4 punches the whole fight. His hands were open the whole time and he genuinely looked terrified. As soon as they went to the ground though, he was an entirely different fighter. Confident, aggressive, a beast.

      I think he can get his striking back to par (he wasn’t terrible at it in his first run). If he’s going to still be so scared of getting hit though, he has to at least learn how to defend. As it is, I don’t see him beating the boys at the very top of the ladder, but man, he is still fun to watch.Report

  8. Michael Cain says:

    Has anyone heard from Stillwater today? I know he lives up above Boulder, CO but don’t know if it’s anywhere near the fire burning between Boulder and Nederland. Nasty fire weather forecast for up there today: hot, dry, wind gusts up to 18 mph.

    Yesterday I could see the smoke plume. No plume today, but here in the suburbs west of Denver there’s a hint of smoke in the air, and an occasional bit of eye watering.Report