What went wrong (and right) for Bernie Sanders – CBS News


Will Truman

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  1. Avatar Kim says:

    Sanders gave the Russians enough ammo to get Clinton out of the race (via the DNC hack, not directly).

    Win, Lose, or change the fucking rules of the game.Report

  2. Avatar Morat20 says:

    What went right:

    Sanders was the only other actual candidate in the primary. (O’Malley was a non-starter). As such, everyone who didn’t like Clinton AND everyone looking for a “upset to the status quo” (a big enough group, every primary. Dean, Edwards, etc) coalesced around him as the other choice.

    What went wrong:

    He’s a 70 year old socialist independent who registered Democratic just to run and whose staff and campaign never actually expected him to get further than “qualifying for the debate”.

    He certainly made no provisions for outreach, his campaign seemed tailored more towards the people who elect him to Congress than the national Democratic base (his minority outreach was pitiful, for instance, for the longest time). Surprised by his own success, it appears.Report

  3. Avatar noptme says:

    What went wrong for Sanders was that the DNC was in the bag for Clinton from the start.Report

    • Avatar Will Truman in reply to noptme says:

      The fix was in, but it did not likely affect the outcome. In conjunction with other factors, it may have actually hurt HRC more than it helped.Report

      • Avatar North in reply to Will Truman says:

        I’m still pretty firmly of the opinion that in making HRC work for the nod Sanders helped both the party and HRC out enormously. His endorsement today closes the circuit, Bernie has done pretty well for himself, his ideals and the Dems (And HRC) would be right to be grateful to him by and large.Report

        • Avatar Kim in reply to North says:

          I like your world. It’s a great one. Pity it only exists in theory.

          If only she would be grateful, we could all break out the champagne.
          As it is… well, there are people you don’t vote for because they’re stupid.
          There are people you don’t vote for because of character.
          Occasionally, there are people you don’t vote for because they’re ill.Report

          • Avatar North in reply to Kim says:

            Did your cats tell you that?Report

            • Avatar Kim in reply to North says:

              I’ve mentioned that I do know someone who works for Hillary.Report

              • Avatar North in reply to Kim says:

                You know someone who does something for everyone my dear lady; a singularly vast, unprecedented and pervasive social network. I’ve pondered the meaning of this and I believe I have concluded that you talk to cats. Everyone has a cat, so I presume you are getting your inside info from those perfidious felines. Also, and I hate to say this, but judging by the info and insights you’re sharing I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone’s cats are collectively trolling you.Report

              • Avatar Kim in reply to North says:

                Mr Cups is going to spit out a wad of coversheets at you.
                (No, I don’t expect you to get the joke. But I do expect half a dozen other people round here to.)

                I post enough stuff around here that a good deal of people could verify that I do know some of the crap that I claim to.Report

              • Avatar North in reply to Kim says:

                Or your cat friends do…Report

  4. Avatar notme says:

    Why is anyone surprised Bernie drank the kool aid? Warren already drank it.Report

  5. Avatar North says:

    Kool aid drinking is generally pitched as an irrational act. Bernie’s capitulation to reality is pretty much the opposite of that.Report