“The Conjuring 2” Movie Review


Garrett Stiger

Garrett is an entertainment professional living in the Los Angeles area. In his free time, he's a shark hunter, Jedi Knight, Kaiju wrangler and dog owner. He also edits and contributes to movie discussions at 3byThree.

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar InMD says:

    I skipped most of this post to avoid spoilers. I am a huge horror fan but did not particularly like the first one. It had some ok jumps but i thought it was just a bunch of haunted house tropes (it did have decent acting, not that horror sets a high bar). With that context do you recommend I see it in the theater or wait until I inevitably come across it on showtime after a night out drinking?Report

  2. I didn’t read this OP or the other comments for fear of spoilers, but can anyone here tell me if part 1 is worth watching, too?Report