How David Cameron blew it – POLITICO

Will Truman

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  1. Christopher Carr says:

    Am I the only person here who thinks that Brexit is probably not as big of a deal as everyone seems to think?Report

    • Why yes, yes you are!

      I honestly don’t know how big of a deal it’s going to be.Report

    • Marchmaine in reply to Christopher Carr says:

      I’m of the opinion that it won’t be a “big deal” in the way people are talking about it right now… but it will still be a “big deal” just to do. I also think that this may not be the final word on the EU and the UK.Report

      • I also think that this may not be the final word on the EU and the UK.

        I know way too little about the EU, but hasn’t it always had some sort of exceptional relationship with the UK? The UK was a latecomer among the well-to-do western European members, and it didn’t get on board with the shared currency plan.

        tl;dr: I agree with you.Report

        • Marchmaine in reply to Gabriel Conroy says:

          Yep. The UK are the Electricians of the European Union ( <– that's hilarious if you've ever worked on a Union construction site – just sayin')

          The UK has lots of cards to play; the strange thing this time around is that they would need to be played by people who don't agree that playing the game is a good idea. That's the big head-scratcher for me.

          Merkel called Cameron's bluff, the UK has called Merkel's bluff. I think we've still got a couple more cards to be dealt and a few more bets to be placed.Report

    • Guy in reply to Christopher Carr says:

      No, I as well am sort of looking around, confused by all of the excitement.Report

      • Kim in reply to Guy says:

        The powers that be got p0wned. This NEVER happens
        Rocks fall, everyone loses.

        Oh, and we’re getting the 4th Reich.

        Enjoy your summer!Report

    • Saul Degraw in reply to Christopher Carr says:

      Sadly you are not in control of the financial markets.Report

    • Michael Drew in reply to Christopher Carr says:

      Am I the only person here who thinks that Brexit very possibly won’t even happen? I’d put the odds that the Government informs the Commission of its intent to Leave under Article 50 – ever, well, lets say this decade – at no more than 60% right now.Report

      • j r in reply to Michael Drew says:

        I can’t speak to the odds, but I agree. There are so many things that can and will happen over the next two years.

        On the larger point, I find the collective freakout simultaneously fascinating and a little scary. The number of people offering strong opinion on something that most people probably could not hold a substantive ten minute conversation on is vexing. It’s another way that political discussions have become almost about defining who you hate.Report

      • KenB in reply to Michael Drew says:

        This fellow agrees with you — suggests that there’s no reason the Article 50 notification couldn’t have been made immediately and the longer it’s delayed, the more likely it never happens. I loved his closing reference:

        ESTRAGON: Well, shall we Leave?

        VLADIMIR: Yes, let’s Leave.

        (They do not send the Article 50 Notification.)Report

        • Jaybird in reply to KenB says:

          I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some amount of moral authority that is going to be… I don’t know what word to use. Spent? I don’t want to say “lost” given that it’s going to be deliberate and “squandered” has a value judgment in it… spent… by having a referendum and then the government not following through.Report

          • KenB in reply to Jaybird says:

            That’s why it’s so important for TPTB to push the Bregret line.Report

          • North in reply to Jaybird says:

            Well that’s the pickle the Tories and Cameron were in. The whole business was not a good idea, was mainly thrown out as right wing red meat and is not how parliaments regularly do business. It’s a pity Labor is currently wrecked or they’d be taking advantage of the whole situation but I get the vibe that they were due for a cycle of wilderness to shake the bugs out of the ol’ wig.Report

      • North in reply to Michael Drew says:

        I agree as well. The Government is going to fall and there’ll be a new election on the matter which will functionally amount to a do-over on this referenda and the Remain side (especially young voters) will now, having had the fear of dog put into them, actually turn out.Report

        • Kim in reply to North says:

          Won’t happen. If it did happen, when a substantial majority (60/40) wants to leave? Oh, my god, the fireworks.

          You’d be right if this was an actual, fair election — it wasn’t.Report

      • Kim in reply to Michael Drew says:

        If so, then they get voted out of office.
        Better they pull the scottish trick out of their hindquarters.Report

    • Kim in reply to Christopher Carr says:

      It’s both much, much more of a big deal than anyone thinks, and much much much less.
      We’re looking at the very real potential for a worldwide depression.
      But, hell, the Remain predicted doomsday, and it won’t be that.Report