Utah Lt. Gov. speaks at vigil for Orlando: ‘My heart has changed’ | KSL.com


Will Truman

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Christopher Carr says:

    Wow. This should be in the news.Report

    • Avatar Kim in reply to Christopher Carr says:

      And for each and every person who uncritically thought stupid things, said stupid things, or otherwise did something that they regret, I hope they can understand — we did that too.

      I think, in mulling this over, of a person I met on the internet — a young Muslim from the Middle East, who had — years ago — ascribed to some rather wrong beliefs about a supposed Jewish Conspiracy. This man had foolishly written about it, and — ten years later, having long forgotten it, was hauled up and criticized for it.

      We should always be able to apologize for our younger selves, so long as it is a true apology, with not just contrition, but active work to make things better for those around us.Report

    • Avatar Guy in reply to Christopher Carr says:

      It’s a very good speech.Report