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  1. Avatar Maribou says:

    And as the person who caused said book to come into Jaybird’s notice by leaving it on our bed, I would recommend (especially if you’re too lazy or broke to purvey yourself the book) the website from whence the book sprang

    But I mean. The dude uses a lot of swears and slurs. A LOT. They don’t bother me b/c context, but if there are words that make you want to punch the people who used them? He probably uses them at some point. So please do not come back here and yell at me, deal? Deal.

    I have been reading a lot of kids’ books today and yesterday. If you know any little kids who love ballet, Swan is a picture book story (more of a fable than a biography) about Anna Pavlova that is especially lovely.

    I’m also about halfway into Radiant Days, which is half about a graffiti artist in the 80s and half about Rimbaud and just started being about both of them at once because France. (Also because Elizabeth Hand, who so happens to be one of my favorite writers at her best… which this isn’t… but it is still very good because she can make anything be very good.)

    I’ve been listening to podcasts (Invisibilia comes back the 17th eeeeeeeeeee) and watching a lot of Netflix (OITNB comes back the 17th eeeeeeeee). Favorite new podcast (this week’s favorite anyway) is The Librarian Is In. Favorite Netflix this week is the pilot for Voltron (though in a week that consisted of rewatching Disney movies and *sheepish look* bingewatching Fuller House, it really didn’t have a lot of competition).Report

  2. This reminds me of when the Coneheads were on a TV quiz show. The question was “Name a famous explorer.” Their answer? “Narkon the Inquisitive.”Report