Maribou is a voracious reader who also likes to watch, stare at, and listen to stuff. Occasionally he makes stuff, too. They work in a small liberal arts college library, and share a house in Colorado with their husband Jaybird, three cats, and what looms ever closer to ten thousand books. She is identifiable as genderfluid, trans, farm-raised, citified, and bisexual, among a plethora of other adjectives.

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  1. Avatar Damon says:

    Might go see a local color fest in the city.

    Might go see a movie with a gal pal.

    Might be playing witcher 3 blood and wine and doom.

    Might be trying to submit a 300 pound dude in ju jitsuReport

  2. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    My wife is out of town until Sunday, and my daughter is house-sitting for her grandparents, so I am planning to have a guilt-free day on Saturday where i don’t leave the house. Binge TV, a few chores and just seeing what strikes my fancy. Sunday I have to make the house look presentable again.Report

  3. Avatar Kazzy says:

    A few hours of work today setting up for summer camp. Then hopefully a run and/or workout. Got a voucher for free Shake Shack so I plan to make my way over there at some point. Then home to hang with a friend. Golf tomorrow early for a buddy’s birthday. If the weather holds, I’ll get drunk on his roofdeck by the pool. Gonna crash at a friend or sister’s empty apartment in lower Manhattan and soak in the city. Other sister’s birthday lunch Sunday afternoon, also in the city. Big Apple BBQ or exploring the city surrounding that. Then prepping myself and Owen for our first day of camp (together! Sort of… he won’t be in my group but he will be at my school…)Report

  4. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    Juno Reactor are playing Edmonton, so tonight I will go to the annoying expensive bar that always gets the good acts so I still go there a couple times a year.

    Tomorrow Fledermaus is dancing in, lighting tech-ing, and semi-stage-managing, and Mr. T is playing music in, a burlesque & bellydance & music revue. Currently scrambling around for babysitting so I can go too. Earlier I’m having chai at a friend’s house, which at least is an all-ages venue.

    Sunday maybe we get something checked off the list of of the perpetually-procrastinated home renos – now we have a deadline to light a fire under our butts, as we’ve bought a house and need to get this one ready to rent out before the autumn term starts.Report

    • Avatar Tod Kelly says:

      I want to trade weekends with you, except for the getting the house ready stuff.Report

      • Avatar dragonfrog says:

        Your weekend sounds pretty nice too. I understand there is to be an embarassing-sex-story component to tonight’s show as well, with the tellers drawn from the audience.

        Juno Reactor was a great show; my knees are by now feeling mostly alright. I think I was one of four people in the bar in clothing that was not black from head to toe – now I know, Juno Reactor’s fans are mostly goths, at least in Edmonton.Report

  5. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:


    (starts today on NetFlix)Report

  6. Avatar Aaron Warfield says:

    Food and antiques it looks like, as this should be a fun day, away from all the city folk. That and sad stuff.Report

    • Avatar Tod Kelly says:

      Oh man, that looks bloody amazing. Surprised that you of all people are going to such a thing, but very happily surprised! Let us know how it was.Report

      • Avatar Aaron Warfield says:

        My wife is very much a foodie in the Burt and Tod vien, and I am a bit of an atiquarian. And as I am devoted to the wife…Report

  7. Avatar Tod Kelly says:

    Tonight I plan to hang at home and be pretty low key. Maybe a movie, maybe just reading. Maybe Chinese take out?

    Tomorrow night I got pegged to do a show where — I swear am not making this up — professional actors, comedians, and writers tell highly embarrassing sex stories from their own lives. Which means that I will probably have many, many drinks both before and after the show.

    Sunday I have no plans, save to have fun in whatever capacity fun happens to reveal itself.Report

  8. Avatar Fortytwo says:

    I’m starting a new job Monday, so I took Thursday and Friday off. Unfortunately, a friend who was in the hospital passed away on Wednesday night, so instead of meeting another friend and going to the hospital to see him, we had shots of Jamesons at 11 am (my deceased friend’s drink of choice).Report

    • Avatar Stillwater says:

      Sorry to hear that. It sucks to lose people, beings, we’re close to. Here’s a piece on vulnerability by the great David Whyte that helped me thru my brother’s death. Maybe it’ll help you too.Report

  9. Avatar Will Truman says:

    THEY’RE GOING TO LET MY WIFE DELIVER HER SISTER’S BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Report