BBC: The zoo that wants to release wild elephants in Denmark


Will Truman

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Damon says:

    Ok, so everyone UNDERSTANDS what elephants do to the local flora? They UNDERSTAND that they eat fermented fruit and get drunk and destroy stuff, and that they go on rampages and sometimes have to be shot and killed to stop them (just like lions). Everyone also understands that the local flora and fauna have evolved since the time similar beasts were around and are no longer compatible with living with elephants?

    Good. How much tax money will need to be raised to fix all the shitstorms these animals create?

    I’ve seen elephants close up: 5 meters. I’ve seen what they do to vegetation and trees. I’ve been to Addo Elephant Park. You do not f*uck with elephants people. It’s not like you take a deer rifle out and shoot one if it’s harassing your chickens. The small elephants I saw were the size of a mid size SUV.

    Think about that.Report

  2. Avatar notme says:

    What is next wild Auroch cows?Report