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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Serendipity, baby! It came out with an expansion pack this weekend! It’s even on sale! Which is good! Because 7 bucks is all I can afford!Report

    • Avatar North in reply to Jaybird says:

      I enjoyed it too… it has an interesting sort of twist on the story for sure.

      An expansion? I am definitly going to look into that. Something has to be able to drag me out of Crusader Kings 2.Report

  2. Avatar James K says:

    The first major patch for Stellaris is due out in a few days, so I’m looking forward to that.Report

  3. Avatar Autolukos says:


    I’m such a sucker for Blizzard games, but it’s a ton of fun if you’re interested in a pretty casual multiplayer shooter.Report

  4. Avatar Carr1on says:

    Fallout 4

    The best RPG ever made (yes, even better than Skyrim).Report

  5. Avatar El Muneco says:

    Raided in World of Warcraft other than in Looking for Raid for first time this expansion. Might have a connection to an active guild that will be doing actual things going forward.

    Paradox pushed a hotfix for the Stellaris beta 1.1 patch on Friday, and we all know how that was going to end – no software released on Friday has ever worked in all of history. Unfortunately the previous release was broken in the early midgame, so people can’t play it through. I like what they’re doing in the big picture, though. Tried a couple of new games with the new balancing rules.Report

  6. Avatar Kim says:

    Ah, dungeon keeper. The game that ran on bugs (it ran faster that way!).Report

  7. Avatar Damon says:

    Witch 3 expansion Blood and Wine came out, so I’ve tabled Doom for now. After that, back to Doom and maybe Fallout if the rest of the DLCs are out.

    You want old school. Bungie Marathon series. Rocks.Report