Morning Ed: Society {2016.05.25.W}


Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.

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  1. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    America’s equivalent to the idol industry probably has the same problems because the power issues involved are similar. There is that not really funny joke about the casting coach and no shortage of people willing to abuse even the slightest bit of power to get sex.

    The idol industry always fascinated me. Western countries have something similar but it doesn’t quite reach the level of pop cultural dominance as the idol industry does in East Asia country. East Asian pop stars from the Idol Industry aren’t mocked for being manufactured or lacking authenticity like their Western equivalents are. Its interesting that the United States, United Kingdom, and other Western countries developed a need for their pop singers to be authentic in a way that other countries did not.Report

  2. Avatar notme says:

    State Department sets new single-day record for Syrian refugee approvals

    Too bad the Obama admin cares more about meeting their self imposed goal of 10k immigrants than careful screening.

  3. Avatar Kolohe says:

    I’m sure the U still believes in the football gods.Report

  4. Avatar notme says:

    Oberlin students want to abolish midterms and any grades below C

    Those poor dears want to put activism before academics

  5. Avatar notme says:

    State Dept. IG: Clinton violated email rules

    I guess they couldn’t sweep that one under the rug.

  6. Avatar notme says:

    2 Trials and No Convictions Put Top Baltimore Prosecutor in a Bind

    I dare say that it does. she might want to rethink her strategy about the case and prosecuting cops to make her community happy.

  7. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    The New Republic article about the High Sparrow seems to ignore the fact that the role of the Faith Militant is necessary to finish playing the part of acting out the answer to Varys’ Riddle:

    In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two. ‘Do it,’ says the king, ‘for I am your lawful ruler.’ ‘Do it,’ says the priest, ‘for I command you in the names of the gods.’ ‘Do it,’ says the rich man, ‘and all this gold shall be yours.’ So tell me – who lives and who dies?

    I think it’s going to take more than Olenna Tyrell calling in her family’s army to King’s Landing to get rid of him. After all, he’s not only silver-tongued, but the righteousness of the gods is his claim to legitimacy.Report

  8. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    A co-worker of mine was drugged and kidnapped as a young child, and was on the point of being sacrificed when the police rescued him. He recently met the detective who rescued him.

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