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An Obligatory Take on The Kindergarten Thermidor

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BLINDED TRIALS: The Democratic Party’s Current Civil War’s Uncivil Tactics

Elizabeth: Russell and I have decided to write this post as a discussion, even though we are largely in agreement. We’ve both watched the conscious and celebrated rise of incivility as political tactic within the Democratic party with some dismay (see Russell’s post about his experiences as a Hillary delegate at the Maine Democratic Convention). {…}

Having stated our basic position at the beginning, though, let me take the opening part of the conversation to make a case for the opposition — that is, sometimes we need incivility. Because I think it’s true. Then I’ll loop back later, after Russell has had his say, to argue why I think incivility has been inappropriately used lately in the current Democratic Party infighting.

From: The Democratic Party’s Current Civil War’s Uncivil Tactics – Blinded Trials II

Jack Move

Nobody knew jack about this.