Daily Archive: May 20, 2016

BLINDED TRIALS: Donald Trump & The Tower of Babel

The God of the Old Testament looks down on Earth and is not at all happy with what he sees. Mankind, He notes, is overflowing with the sin of hubris. But more than anyone else, He takes exception to the one man whom He sees as the living embodiment of this hubris: Donald Tump, the “enfant terrible of American real estate, slapping his name on everything from Atlantic City to San Francisco condos.” Trump, God sees, is about to become the most powerful and revered (even if despised) person on Earth, and is starting to think himself God’s better.

So God meets with Trump, and He gives him the opportunity to save this modern civilization from God’s wrath. All Trump must do to stave off such a deluge is show the tiniest bit of humility in his face-to-face with the Almighty. Trump, being Trump, refuses. To Trump’s mind, that God Himself would come down from Heaven to meet him above all others is a possibility the Donald has always assumed likely. That God would ask him to take it down a notch is, to Trump’s eyes, a sign of God’s fear the potential glory of one Donald J. Trump. God takes Trump’s response in stride and, with a light movement of his hand, topples modern civilization.

From: Donald Trump & The Tower of Babel – Blinded Trials II