Ugh.  After saying goodbye to Cecelia on Tuesday, you’d think we could catch a break.  But instead our computer broke.  Then our other computer broke. Then I forgot to order a monitor when I bought the new computer.  (And then a bunch of other annoying stuff happened that I won’t even bother to whine about because I don’t want to rehash it.)

And both of our jobs are intensely busy right now, so no time to write at work.

So this will be short.

We’re going to spend the weekend RESTING.  And putting our new computer together. And Jaybird will go to Costco and to the grocery store. And I will go to the library. And I will go to Dman’s house to watch Outlander with his wife. And I will talk to my sister.  And I will read a lot. And Jaybird will play video games a lot.

And, we hope, by Sunday we will still be grieving, but we’ll also be a lot less beat up.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Photo is “Footrace finish line, 1925” from the Seattle Municipal Archives, used under a creative commons license)

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3 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Vacation coming to a close (boo) and getting back to “real” life. Windstorms all through eastern California so that’ll be an unpleasant drive home from the lake.


  2. I’m relieved that it’s raining in pretty much the whole province for pretty much the whole long weekend – we needed the rain so badly. I’m happy to not get to camp if it means some of the forest fires die down.

    So, not camping. We’ll probably visit a friend who lives a couple hours out of town.

    Once it dries out a bit, I can see that cleaning the eavestroughs will be on the agenda.


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