Daily Archive: May 17, 2016

our nightmare | Fredrik deBoer

The future that I envision amounts, depending on your perspective, to either a betrayal of the liberal dream or its completion. In this future, the traditional foundations of liberalism in economic justice and redistribution...

Is This The Slippery Slope?

A same-sex couple in Louisville says a Catholic cemetery is discriminating against their tombstone request. Is this the slippery slope we were warned about?

Food Liberalism & The Death of the Pancake

Where one generation has honored traditions, the generation at hand is whimsical, unorthodox, and living in a fantasy world that may be likened to a saloon, gaining the reputation of “anything goes” over the years. But anything does not go. It shan’t not go.

Mental Illness & Demons

Sometimes mental illnesses have been metaphorically described as “demons.” “Mental illness” may well be a metaphor too. As I have concluded, there is truth in metaphor.