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  1. Rmass says:

    Finish the season. Shane frank grows, and grows on yaReport

    • Jaybird in reply to Rmass says:

      We’ve just finished Episode 10 (of 13) and I said “THAT WAS AWESEOM” and she said “I have to go to my social commitment!” and so maybe we’ll finish it next week or something. Maybe the week after.Report

  2. Alan Scott says:

    Yeah, I get that the character was compelling, but I think the closest thing someone could have to a good Punisher series was already imbedded into this season of Daredevil. I don’t think there’s any way to go from here except down.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    I’ve been reading more of the same, plus a couple of fantasy novels. Heilig’s The Girl from Everywhere is particularly noteworthy – magical time travel and Hawaiian history and adventure and heists and family drama and a bunch more stuff that I could tell you about but it would be spoilers.

    Watching 30 Rock, finished the Last Man on Earth Season 1 (still not sure if I liked it but I’ll give season 2 a go), and a goofy and sweet movie called About Time (I’ll never take Hux as seriously again). Started watching Con Man, which I am entertained by but which isn’t quite meeting my (admittedly overblown) expectations.

    Jaybird and I are still watching Daredevil, we’re on episode 10.Report

  4. Kazzy says:

    Per reader/lurker Fish’s recommendation, I’m about 1/3 of the way through “Earth Abides”. Similar to some other books I’ve read recently about the post-apocalypse, told through the experiences of someone who lived a relatively isolated life and therefore was unaware that a plague just swept through America and wiped almost everyone out. Beautifully written, though I’m still trying to figure out where it is going.Report

  5. Doctor Jay says:

    Your point is worthy, but it is incomplete. The Daredevil show puts the Code Against Killing front and center, both seasons, with some fascinating variations.

    Finish the whole series, then make a post, and we’ll talk about it.Report

  6. DavidTC says:

    I like the ‘This person needs killing’ point that Jessica Jones made, personally, and I find most people aren’t disagreeing with her actions. Granted, it ‘helped’ that lives were in immediate danger…but at that point, it was clear there wasn’t any other way to stop him. And I think it helps that they tried to figure out some way to arrest him legally, *and* she tried to figure out if he could be reformed, and neither of those worked.

    This is something that, for example, the Punisher doesn’t bother with. He clearly can *find* the mafia, why doesn’t he figure out how to get them *arrested*?

    That’s a pretty large failing of most media that examines this…that, or they make the criminal justice system out to be a revolving door.

    It is probably *immoral* for Batman to *not* kill the Joker around the fifth time the Joker escapes Arkham, just like it would be immoral for him to kill the Joker the *first* time. But if it becomes clear the legal system cannot hold him, and it becomes clear the Joker will, the future, murder a bunch of people, yes, Batman, you need to kill him.

    But the thing is…the legal system does not actually work that way in the real world.Report