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9 Responses

  1. Fish says:

    XCOM 2 in Ironman mode. It turns out that without save-scumming, I’m actually pretty terrible at this game! 🙂Report

  2. dhex says:

    praise the sun!Report

  3. notme says:

    I spent my day working as a range safety while my unit brought out it’s crew sereved weapons for practice.Report

  4. Trumwill says:

    I have aborted Ringworld midway in the third novel. The first couple were interesting but now it’s kind of become monster warfare, which interests me less.

    I am caught up on Suits. I thought I was a half-season behind but instead had a full season and a half. Which was great! The show is at its best when it is deliberately amoral, though, and it’s kind of been moving away from that.Report

    • I think I started the second novel. I might even have finished it. The last Niven book I actually enjoyed was The Integral Trees, from 1984. The Legacy of Heorot (1987), if you include collaborations, though “It’s OK to be stupid. You can make up for it if you use enough violence.” is not my favorite theme.Report

    • Zac in reply to Trumwill says:

      Suits is kind of a guilty pleasure for me; I know it’s basically one step above a daytime soap but I can’t help but get totally invested in it. I’m the same way with Supernatural.

      Been playing a fair amount of Just Cause 3 lately, and I’m about 80-85% of the way through it now. Fallout 4 is next on deck, although part of me thinks I should wait a couple more months so that I’ll have all three DLCs when I finally play it.Report

  5. Watched Duck Soup for the first time in years. It’s still hilarious.Report