MD Listening Club Rebooted!



Glyph is worse than some and better than others. He believes that life is just one damned thing after another, that only pop music can save us now, and that mercy is the mark of a great man (but he's just all right). Nothing he writes here should be taken as an indication that he knows anything about anything.

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23 Responses

  1. Avatar Chris says:


  2. Avatar Maribou says:

    *dances* I will be at work all that time (yes, probably even until the amazing hour of ??, thanks to time differences), but I look forward to popping in and out.Report

  3. Avatar Slade the Leveller says:

    I’m in. Currently watching SFA play (Drawing) Rings Around the World through the interface. Really easy to use. Plus, I got to see the test conversation!Report

  4. Avatar aaron david says:

    Its an awesome interface, and I will try to be there!Report

  5. Avatar krogerfoot says:

    I think I can make it. Sorry about that Kowloon Walled City review never getting written. My life is a disaster.Report

  6. Wait, how does this work? I’m probably interested.Report

  7. Avatar Maribou says:

    That. Was. Awesome.

    I said to jaybird i said hey were you guys doing those like ALL the time a few years ago and he said well define all the time and i said you know like every month or two and he said well yeah and i said well jeez.

    I’m glad I know how much fun they are now.Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to Maribou says:

      And the thing is, we were doing them around my schedule; but with this new setup, anybody (or nobody) can host at anytime. It’s my hope that people will just pop in there whenever and start spinning and chatting. We could even find YouTube-available movies, and do our own version of MST3K in there.Report

  8. Avatar Slade the Leveller says:

    @glyph What a great couple of hours. Always interesting to hear what other people are listening to. And, I should not have left for that poker game. I lost $40.

    @krogerfoot I, too, have become a big KWC fan, which is weird, because it’s unlike anything else I listen to.

    See you all at the next one.Report