Katherine is a Christian with a particular interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, international development, peace, and social justice issues. She has a master's degree in International Affairs and lives in Canada.

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5 Responses

  1. Damon says:

    “I know what’s coming.”

    “Now, I’m like the arrow that springs from the bow. No hesitations, no doubts. The path is clear.”Report

  2. James K says:

    I think the most impressive part it that not only does it avoid paradox – it does it using a plan B. Part one screened before Michael O’Hare left he show, so they had to fit that fact around the plot when it was already half-done.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to James K says:

      See??? Souls exist!

      Anyway, yes. I agree 100%. I am pretty sure that the original plan was to have Sinclair leave the show at this point to be replaced by… well, someone else. They just accelerated that somewhat.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    This pair of episodes was the first in a while where, if I got distracted and stopped paying attention, I had to say “WAIT WAIT REWIND WHAT JUST HAPPENED.” I’d feel sorry for Jaybird but he had to do it a couple of times too.

    Really intricate and SO clever.Report

  4. pillsy says:

    That two-parter was always one of the high points of the show for me. It was a fitting end for Sinclair’s story: he was constantly looking for ways to sacrifice himself for a cause, just like the Minbari religious caste.Report