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  1. Roland Dodds says:

    BBQ and Easter Egg hunt for the family with a “sick day” in the works for Monday. Should be a fine weekend.Report

  2. aaron david says:

    You have to give something up for Lent? I thought it was about eating lentils…

    I kid.

    I got a call last night, my son saying he is coming by today with the new long term girlfriend. So cleaning this AM. Monday we go on vacation for a week, so we got that going for us, which is nice… Going down south to play in tide pools and look at wild flowers on the central coast. Also see a little family, visit the home town and such. Should be beautiful.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    I’m just excited that I made it through the week. (Ran through and past my energy reserves when in Paris – walked > 6 miles per day – but it was worth it and I would do it again exactly the same way in a heartbeat.)

    Looking forward to not a lot on Saturday and family times on Sunday.Report

  4. Jaybird says:

    I have started dreaming about cheating on my diet.

    I dreamed I ate a handful of those crispy m&ms. Even as I did so, I was thinking “I don’t even like m&ms that much and I can’t believe that I’m cheating on my diet for freaking m&ms instead of something that I actually really, really like.”

    Then I felt my legs move under the covers and felt so very much relief.

    But the cheating dreams have started to show up.Report

  5. KatherineMW says:

    Planning on having Babylon 5 bookclub back for the week after next, and consistent on a weekly basis thereafter, if anyone is still interested in continuing. We’re getting to some of the best parts, so it would be a shame to stop now. I think Tuesdays would be nice, if that doesn’t conflict with anything else on Mindless Diversions (I try to spend Sundays offline, so having the bookclub posts go up Mondays doesn’t work well for me if I’ve procrastinated).Report

  6. Will Truman says:

    I need to start making phone calls, but boy I hate talking on the phone. Need to set up with a doctor, need to call our handy man, and need to get the dog shorn.

    Also need to figure out what to do with our little girl. We’re running into some really difficult behavioral issues and need to start reining her in. Preschool is starting to get frustrated with her meltdowns. She’s also approaching 3.5 and the toilet training thing still isn’t happening. We’re turning to reading books. Sigh.

    It’s been a really stressful month.Report

  7. Kazzy says:

    Got back from Miami at midnight last night and now today feels like Sunday even though it’s Friday. I got to pickup the boys from daycare and Mayo was so excited to see me he came running and as I stretched out my arms to embrace him he saw the Miami Marlins baseball I picked up for him, proceeded to stop on a dime, grab at the ball, and turn to show it off to his classmates. Ugh. Kids. Now I’m playing catch up on everything I didn’t do last week. But I have next week off as well so that will help.

    In case I miss Sunday’s post, I want to recommend “Station Eleven”. Mistakenly (in my opinion and the author’s) classified as sci-fi, the book interweaves various stories surrounding a mass pandemic that wipes out most of humanity and various character’s inherent human urge — before, during, and after the crash of society — to contribute to and/or preserve “culture”. Fascinating book. It wasn’t about the apocalypse — there was very little discussion of the disease itself and no zombies… just lots of dead bodies at times — but rather about what makes us human and all that kinda crap. Very enjoyable read. And I say that as someone not typically drawn to those sorts of books but maybe now I will be. And for the Canadians among us, the author is one of you!Report

  8. Morat20 says:

    Got family stuff all weekend. My dad’s back from the hospital (there almost a week) complete with temporary clot filter (not happy about that, but he’s not on his blood thinners). The prognosis seems to be “drug interaction” with his anti-coagulants. Hes’ got a new “don’t ever take these” class of drugs added to his list. Maybe two. They’re still mulling that.

    (I can’t recall the test. INR maybe? Normal is 1. Dad stays between 2 and 3, on purpose, because he’s prone to DVT and blood clots. When he was admitted, it was 11. Not good. Hence all the blood they poured down him).

    I’m not real thrilled with the hospital pulmonary guy. He was…real pushy about something, like used-car salesmen. Without consulting my Dad’s actual, on-point specialist of a decade+. We finally got him looped in, thankfully.

    Next week Dad gets to swallow a camera to find out what in his small intestine decided to bleed. Whatever it is, it’s not even noticeable unless your blood doesn’t clot at all. Even a little.

    Which reminds me, I owe the area blood bank like….5 or 6 pints of whole and at least that many of plasma and platelets. Fair’s fair. 🙂Report

  9. North says:

    Dungeons and Dragons! Satan’s game!Report