Actor fights charge filed over prop pellet gun used in film

Will Truman

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7 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    But New Jersey gun laws are perfectly reasonable!Report

  2. Damon says:

    Well, I can expect an actor, those being of general left-ish bent, not to be aware of NJ’s hardcore anti gun laws, but there have been recent reports over the last several months of folks getting into similar trouble in the state. But Carlo is correct that it’s probably the production company that’s at fault, but that doesn’t do any damn good now does it? Maybe he has a legal case against the production company. He also might be able to get the prosecutor to mod the charge if there’s enough PR. That’s happened before as well.

    But still. IT IS NEW JERSEY.Report

  3. Goias, who lives in Toms River, New Jersey, said he acts part time to get more exposure for his main job as a standup comedian. The Internet Movie Database credits him with a few roles, including the part of “beach man” in the 2013 movie “Bikini Girls vs. The Surf Wolf.”

    The gun charge is nonsense, but he should get 30 days for comparing himself to De Niro.Report