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Vikram Bath

Vikram Bath is the pseudonym of a former business school professor living in the United States with his wife, daughter, and dog. (Dog pictured.) His current interests include amateur philosophy of science, business, and economics. Tweet at him at @vikrambath1.

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7 Responses

  1. Avatar aaron david says:

    Very nice and well put Vikram.Report

      • Avatar aaron david says:

        Ya know @vikram-bath from all my years working in bookstores, there is only one business book I would (and have) recomend: How to Become CEO by Jeffery Fox. Just a short little book, filled with the little things that people forget, like don’t go to company picnics, as it gives people time to kvetch, or show up before everone else by 15 minutes and leave 45 minutes after everyone, for the extra productivity without distraction, and to show everyone that you are dedicated. Worth checking out.Report

        • Avatar Vikram Bath says:

          I’ve now wish-listed it. Though it sounds more personal than my usual diet. I.e. the unit of interest is the individual worker rather than the company.

          The Halo Effect by Phil Rosenzweig would be my pick among more practitioner-directed books.Report

          • Have you read “Sloan Rules” about Alfred Sloan, the head of GM? It’s a biography and not an autobiography–and it’s a work of history–but in my opinion it does a very good job of mixing the personal with the company and the choices Sloan made.Report

  2. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    Nice review. The moral I would provisionally take is that the genre from which it departs is basically crap, and the genre to which it points, historical biography or even just popular history, is presumptively compelling (since authors have the entirety of the history of humanity from which to choose their topics). It just so happens that this author, who happened to rise to CEO of a famous company, had a compelling story from history occur in his own family, and he told it well. Here’s to good popular history writing.Report