Nooksack leaders disbar lawyer fighting tribal disenrollments | The Seattle Times


Will Truman

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Christopher Carr says:

    The quote makes it sound like disbarment is a simple popularity contest. Are there any objective standards that he is guilty of violating?Report

  2. Avatar Damon says:

    Color me surprised that people, regardless of color, race, etc., using the political / legal process to marginalize their opposition and increase their own power and wealth.Report

    • Avatar Will H. says:

      Maintaining the status quo is no gain.

      Since tribal affiliation is a claim on property, I would be really interesting in knowing why exactly these people are suing for enrollment.Report

      • Avatar Damon says:

        Actually, if you maintain the status quo by preventing someone from gaining a share of your pie, it’s worthwhile., and can be considered a gain vs the loss of some of the pie by allow them status.Report

      • Avatar notme says:

        Let’s think. If you split a cake four ways do you get more than you would if the cake was split five ways?Report