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What Trump Supporters Were Doing Before Trump – 538

On social issues, the differences are more noteworthy. Trump backers were far more pro-choice than Cruz or Rubio supporters, at 0.63 (0.67 is equivalent to agreeing that “abortion should be available, but with stricter...

BLINDED TRIALS: Shameless to be sure, but tastefully so?

So if you are good enough to be reading this rebooted blog of ours, allow me to promise you I did not decide to resume work on it for the sole purpose of blathering on about my writing elsewhere. Insofar as I can think of some aspect of it that may seem interesting to the audience here, I’ll write about it. (“Why the pseudonym?” has come up often enough that I may as well write a post, if only to have something I can just link in the future if I get asked again.) But I’m not going to make Blinded Trials II: The Blindening some kind of humblebragging clearinghouse.

To that end, I’ve decided to put a question I’ve been pondering to you lot, and you can tell me what your collective preference is. It’s a question I alluded to in my re-introductory post, which I’ll just ask outright:

To what degree would you here like me to mention/otherwise promote my work on other sites?

From: Shameless to be sure, but tastefully so? – Blinded Trials II

Ross Douthat: Goodbye, Bushism – The New York Times

Politically it was by no means a crazy strategy. For all his blunders, George W. Bush is still the only Republican candidate for president to win the popular vote in the last 25 years,...

Marcion and Arius: American Political Theology’s Roots

How does Marcion, an early church father, who like Arius was one of the earliest notable heretics, relate to the Christian-Deism that arose in England and America during the Enlightenment period of the American Founding. That’s what I am trying to figure out here.

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