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  1. Penric’s Demon, which is a recent Bujold novella set in the Five Gods universe. Nothing ti get excited about so far, but not the huge disappointment her recent Vorkosigan book was either,Report

  2. Avatar Zac says:

    Over the past week I’ve been re-watching Breaking Bad for the first time since it aired, and I’m currently most of the way through the second season. There are a lot of little details I’d forgotten in the intervening years, so even though I remember the broad strokes of how it all ends, I’m really enjoying the ride.Report

    • The first week I was in Zurich, it turned out four of us had downloaded and watched Better Call Saul separately. So the second week we reserved one of the conference room with a big video screen, got some beer and snacks, and made a party out of it.Report

      • Avatar Michael Drew says:

        Love BCS; never watched BB. I’m wondering how weird (as in, uncommon) that is.

        Anyone who watches Better Call Saul should be aware of the Better Call Saul Insider Podcast. The very top members of the creative team get together and talk about every episode for over an hour usually. I’m not aware of anything like it associated with any other TV show.

        I think there was also one for BB? They certainly seem like they’re comfortable in the format, and did even when they started last year.Report

        • It’s interesting. We BB watchers know where the main characters are headed; it never occurred to me that someone would watch it without that.Report

          • Avatar Michael Drew says:

            I have a pretty good idea; I’m not trying to maintain ignorance. It’s out there in the culture (I was aware of the Saul Goodman character as a Bob Odenkirk fan as well). The podcast seems like it fills in just enough of the specifics. I think you need to know things aren’t headed in a happy endings direction for the guy at the east, but that’s also presented in BCS.

            But I’m really enjoying the show on its own terms. Like, *really* enjoying it. I wonder if people in the future might not watch it in prequel-sequel order rather than the reverse.Report

            • True, the flash-forwards do give you an ides where Jimmy is going to end up, but there are no clues that Mike and Kim are going to be kidnapped by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore.


  3. Avatar aaron david says:


    Hadn’t read it in, oh, 30 years? So good.

    I never tried to read Inherent, as I was never a big Pynchon fan. I liked V. well enough, but Gravity was… Not so interesting to me. Maybe I will pick it up, give it a shot.Report

  4. Avatar Saul Degraw says:

    The Deptford trilogy by DaviesReport