New York Police Still Struggle to Follow Street-Stop Rules, Report Finds – NYT



One man. Two boys. Twelve kids.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Vikram Bath says:

    >continued to decline, to about 24,000 last year from 45,787 in 2014


    So is crime way up per the NYPD’s predictions?Report

    • Avatar Kazzy says:

      Hard to find good data. A little sleuthing shows that a 20% drop in stop-and-frisk from 2014-2015 (when the numbers were down to the 10s of thousands already) correlated with an uptick in some violent crime, reversing long-term trends. However, looking at the more dramatic cuts in S&F over a longer time period does not correlate with massive spikes over that time.

      If anything, I’d say it is too soon to tell.

      As someone who works in NYC, it doesn’t feel like a return to the Wild Wild West.Report