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  1. Avatar Stillwater says:


    After perusing the competition I’d have to give Leo the award for best actor AND best actress, since I haven’t seen any of the other movies except The Martian. And, well…

    But how can Vegas even get any action at 1:5 on Leo? (Is that right? Seems strange…)Report

  2. Avatar KatherineMW says:

    Went to see Deadpool. It was moderately fun; in my view, the unconventional parts generally went over well, and it was the conventional parts (i.e., love-interesty stuff) that fell flat.

    I also got Nightcrawler from the library. It’s a exceptional and chilling portrait of sociopathy, with a protagonist who is the platonic ideal of Objectivism. The protagonist is handsome, coldly charismatic, always knows the right thing to say, and has no regard for others except insofar as calculating how they are useful to him. It’s an extremely effective deconstruction of modern society’s reverance of hard work and ambition, by showing how a person can possess both these things to the degree that they are vices rather than virtues.

    It is the precise inverse of a Shakespearean tragedy like Macbeth, where the protagonist begins as a decent man and increasingly degenerates into evil and is destroyed as a result: in Nightcrawler, the protagonist undergoes no change in character, has no doubts about his actions, and his ill deeds bring him success rather than destruction. The protagonist wins, and this inspires revulsion rather than celebration in the audience.Report

    • Avatar Morat20 says:

      Deadpool was..solid,. My wife put it down as “predictable, but scratched the itch”.

      Which is pretty stunning, because….Deadpool. What are the odds you get THAT right by make Green Lantern so awful?Report

      • Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

        Admittedly, I don’t know the production backstory for Green Lantern, but what I’ve heard is that Reynolds was the driving force behind Deadpool, ever since he got cheated out of playing the character properly in the first Wolverine movie. Which is also why it took so long to happen, because he had to find enough people willing to make it correctly, instead of messing with it in an attempt to hit that PG/PG-13 rating (Deadpool was R, and it made no attempt to be anything else).Report

  3. Avatar CK MacLeod says:

    Planning to watch TWD resume tonight, but am very leery, having read through a Wikipedia summary of the next big bad guy’s doings from the graphic novels. Seems too much like painful permutations of the familiar TWD thing – so maybe I’ve finally found my escape point, after somewhat more than half-heartedly defending the show (and its spin-off, too) against critics.

    On the other hand, I didn’t care for BILLIONS at first, but I think I may now be hooked – so that yields at least two or so hours of Sunday night diversion, for the moment. (I was likewise skeptical of BETTER CALL SAUL, but I thought S1 was overall pretty darn terrific, and am looking forward to the imminent premiere of S2.)Report

  4. Avatar Aaron David says:

    Going to see Hail Ceaser! in a couple hours, looking forward to it.

    Reading Alamut right now, which is painfully good. There are a few anachronisms but not too bad for a novel in translation from the ’30’s.

    About Carol, Blanchet was the weak part of film, and I dont think she was the lead (co-lead at best.) Roony Mara should be the nominee for that movie and would definately be in the running as she had a very intersting charactor with an intersting point of view.Report

  5. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    Saw Deadpool, loved it! It filled that anti-hero niche quite well.Report

  6. Avatar Kim says:

    1000 pages of backstory for a video game???
    I’m watching the second TV series they made off it.Report

  7. Avatar Maribou says:

    Still on a Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood binge, and reading a lot of picture books and comic books. I’m doing better at keeping up on my bookposts so far this year, only about 40 books behind at the moment :p.

    Finished Ex Machina and was … annoyed by the ending. In very similar ways to how I was annoyed by the ending of Y the Last Man. Also annoyed by how from v. 8 on there was this huge woman-as-object undertow that really wasn’t present in the earlier volumes as far as I can remember.

    Caught up on Midnight in Karachi and Coode Street podcasts; way behind on the others. Listening painstakingly to a 2 hour long lecture about Spinoza, given by Deleuze, in French, which is both interesting and very good for derustifying my ears, but is quite brain-melting as well. About 1/2 way through. It’s neat to hear the coughing, pencil-dropping, etc of the class, makes it feel much more present than most modern lecture series are.

    Jay and I watched 2 more episodes of Babylon 5, finishing off the third season. Really want to watch the 4th season but also want to do many other things. Like read Paris guide books! Have been going through those so assiduously that I finally am starting to have a proper map of Paris in my head, and not just discontinous bits stemming from the last time I was there, and having read various novels.Report

    • Avatar Will Truman says:

      Watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood makes me miss Mr Rogers.Report

      • Avatar Maribou says:

        @will-truman Watching Mr. Rogers makes me miss Mr. Rogers. A Lot. *wistful sigh*

        On a personal note, watching so many shows all in a row has led to a lot of realizations, among them:
        – he reminds me of my grampy and of my “second dad”
        – in a lot of ways, he was the stable, consistent parent figure that never changed, that never got mad at me, that never just didn’t show up, that didn’t actually belong to someone else who got frustrated at my hijacking of their parent sometimes, etc. – which I didn’t have otherwise. any time I turned on the TV expecting to find him, there he was. unfailingly. (only at my 2nd family’s house though – we didn’t have cable at mine.)
        – people have asked me repeatedly, after hearing all about my screwed up childhood, why I think I turned out so morally centered and sensible, and took such good care of my siblings, and I usually give one or the other partial answer (that includes nature, alternate nurture, how my parents – even my dad – did a lot right too, having screwed up plenty actually, etc….) – from now on I am just going to say “Mr. Rogers” and have done. No more partial than any of the other answers I give a person who doesn’t actually want a dissertation on the subject 😀
        – I always thought Jaybird reminded me of my mom, but that’s not it. Turns out that he reminds me of my grampy + my second dad + Mr. Rogers. All my substitute father figures rolled up into one. Turns out that one little piece of me is more gender-normed than I thought. I can see why I thought the other thing though, as my mom at her best is quite a bit like her dad at his best :D.
        – I already said this, but dang, I miss Mr. Rogers. I think if I had one of those fabled dinner parties of anyone living or dead, he’d be the first person I picked for the table. Even ahead of T. H. White.Report

    • Avatar Glyph says:

      I don’t recall the woman-as-object stuff (but it’s been a while since I read it) – matter of fact, IIRC Mitchell is at least possibly a closeted homosexual.

      RE: the ending. I didn’t dislike it quite as much as the one in Y; whether because the series is shorter, or because Y had prepped me for disillusionment I can’t say. But the man likes his left-field downer endings. I still really liked it overall though.Report

      • Avatar Maribou says:

        Oh, yeah,I still really liked it overall too – and I enjoyed even the volumes that irritated me – I just need to start remembering that my peak enjoyment of his work will come in the late middle every darn time, and then I’ll be able to adjust expectations accordingly.

        The woman-as-object stuff was not what Mitchell was doing but what the art / storylines (but omg especially the art) surrounding him were doing. Presented as objects to the audience, not the protagonist. Both Trouble and the reporter became Plot Points Who Can Also Be Pinups, rather than people (IMO). Frustrating because most of the female characters to that point – and even the OTHER female characters during – were not drawn or written that way. Maybe it was intended as parody but if so, it was too much like the thing itself to seem parodic to me. And I don’t think I just don’t handle the style, because I’ve been digging on Harley Quinn quite a bit – that style suits her. It was just weird and clanky here.Report

  8. Finished the latest Vorkosigan book. It’s a Cordelia book, which should be great news (Shards of Honor! Barrayar!) but it was an immense disappointment, perhaps the only one of the whole series that’s actually a chore to get through. I still recommend them, but you can stop after the first 16.Report