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  1. Finished rereading Poul Anderson’s The Broken Sword. Not because I had a sudden interest in rereading 60-odd-year-old heroic fantasy, but as part of my project to clear the bookshelves (a sub-project of the wife and I beginning to clear out a lifetime’s accumulation, anticipating that we will be old enough one of these first days to want to downsize our housing). Eventually, hundreds of paperbacks will become epubs. I can safely say, after The Broken Sword, that character recognition software that thinks it’s working with English makes multiple interesting guesses about Æsir and Jötun.Report

  2. I haven’t seen Spotlight. Various organizations have nominated either Mark Ruffalo or Michael Keaton for Best Supporting Actor, so who the heck is the lead?Report

  3. Avatar Kolohe says:

    There’s a path to victory for The Room, (whose lead actress iirc has won everything so far), if Revenant and Spotlight split enough votes (and also, if the Big Short siphons enough off, as it has a ‘newsy’ origin too)Report

  4. Avatar Zac says:

    The Academy reliably makes the wrong choice when it comes to Best Picture, so I won’t be at all surprised when they fail to select either Mad Max or The Revenant. These are the same people who chose Forrest Gump over either Pulp Fiction or The Shawshank Redemption, and American Beauty over Saving Private Ryan or Fight Club.Report

  5. Avatar Saul Degraw says:

    I saw Hail Ceaser and enjoyed. The movie is crypto conservative or it is so over the top that it is really liberal.

    The movie might be a great example of conservative or liberal art that succeeds. My guess is that it is because the Coens are not concerned with wholesomeness like a Ted Cruz culture warrior and not all the jokes are at the expense of leftism.* Some of the best gags are apolitical.

    *There are some jokes that the Coen Brothers can only get away with because they are Jewish. Otherwise they would just be considered anti-Semitic.Report

  6. Avatar notme says:

    I saw kung fu panda 3 with the family. It was a good kids movie.Report

  7. Avatar Maribou says:

    I have about 200 books checked out from my two libraries. Plus Jaybird’s mom took me book shopping (3 different used stores) for Christmas this year…

    All that to say, I’m not sure exactly why I didn’t read much this week except: 1) Spaced second series, 2) the various seasons of The Best of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood leave Amazon Prime on February 19th. I’m having a blast rewatching some of those; always interesting to watch something you internalized when young enough to not know you were internalizing it. (Leaving the Presbyterianism and political subversion aside (No religion! No politics!), I’m amazed at how many of the songs I still know word for word and note for note.) Plus he was just such a lovely man. And it’s cool to see the differences between a week from 1971 vs 1981, etc.

    I read an odd little novel called The Guest Cat which is oh so very translated-from-Japanese, and which I liked very much.

    I read another TP volume of The Wicked and The Divine, which just might be my favorite of all the comics that are publishing right now. It scratches all the right itches in all the right ways.

    Not many podcasts, mostly Midnight in Karachi, Dear Sugar, and Coode Street.Report

  8. I’m closing in on finishing the first installment of Dune. It’s… not doing anything for me, sadly.

    Still in the mood for science fiction, so maybe trying Ringworld next?Report

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