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  1. Avatar Damon says:

    Given my pc is from 2006 i doubt I could run this game now, but it’s 7 dollars on steam. Worth a shot after the new comp is set up.

    We’ll see about the new one.Report

    • Avatar El Muneco says:

      My friend who’s seriously into the Long War mod runs it well enough on a last-generation laptop. The graphics aren’t set to maximum coolness, camera rotation isn’t particularly smooth and the quicktime events stutter, but it’s functional. Another big problem with a real old computer might be the OS you’re running and if it supports a recent enough version of DirectX.Report

  2. Avatar Fish says:

    So excited. I’m playing XCOM again in anticipation of the impending release. I’m playing on Classical difficulty, a level I beat only once, and only by save-scumming the hell out of it, and being so stressed out by it that it was work rather than play to beat it. I tried my hand at the Long War mod and I loved all the changes Long War Studios implemented. They created the game all us old-school XCOM players really wanted (don’t get me wrong–I LOVED the 2012 reboot). Long War was a bridge too far for me, but the lessons I learned from trying my hand at Long War have definitely improved my game play on Classical.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Arrgh! I just had a very frustrating Fallout 4 experience!

    Speaking generically: I was given a mission from the (spoiler) and I accepted it. The options were then “do the mission” or “tell one of the other teams out there about the mission”.

    When I opted to “do the mission”, I was told “if you do this, you’ll be making an enemy of the other team for the rest of the game… you sure you want to do this?”

    So I backed off. There were still some missions I wanted to do for the other team.

    So I went to the other team to do a mission and, after I accepted the mission, I was informed that the other team was now my enemy. Like, not only did they not give me a warning about the consequences of accepting the mission, they didn’t include the option of telling them “hey, so-and-so is working against you.”

    At first I thought “oh, I must have screwed up the conversation… maybe there’s some way to decline…” and, wouldn’t you know it, after you agree to have the conversation, you will be accepting the mission and there is no option you can take that will *NOT* end with you making an enemy of this other group.

    Which is kind of a jerk move, really. They should have offered a way out of the conversation *OR* warned “hey, if you start this conversation, you’ll be making a permanent enemy.”Report

  4. Avatar Kim says:

    X com is one of those games that really wants a PC.
    Then again, I’m generally of that opinion.Report