“Yes, since the expectations are so low.”


Will Truman

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird says:

    And he completed that with “Mission Accomplished”.

    He might actually still have a real person in there, in the back somewhere.Report

    • Avatar North says:

      I’ve always rooted for him. He’s make an excellent candidate to lose the race for the Presidency.Report

    • The real person is right in front. It’s why he’s been such a terrible campaigner; he hates having to do that crap as much as you or I would. My current pet theory is that Jeb thought the path to the nomination this year would go through the party establishment and the big donors, which are battles he won easily. When that wasn’t enough, he was unprepared for the sheer unpleasantness of having to out-posture, out-pander, and out-scheme all of his rivals, including Mr. Blowhard and Mr. Weasel.

      That said, making fun of his brother like that is about the most sympathetic thing I’ve ever seen him do.Report

  2. Avatar Will Truman says:



  3. Avatar Kazzy says:

    When is someone going to tell Will Ferrell to stop doing Jeb Bush impersonations?Report

  4. Avatar Rufus F. says:

    Gee wiz, Beev! You screwed up that war and now everybody thinks we’re creeps or something!Report