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9 Responses

  1. Avatar pillsy says:

    Wait, there’s going to be a sequel to Psychonauts!? But… but… that’s awesome!Report

  2. The Giants got their desired two pitchers and an outfielder in free agency. Now, unless every fishing player on the team gets hurt (which is what happened last year), they have a shot to rekindle that even-year magic.Report

  3. Avatar James K says:

    I’m playing KOTOR II, and I’m about to reach some of the stuff in the restored content mod.Report

    • Avatar Morat20 says:

      So am I. And also finally played “Wolf Among Us”, and have been playing Sunless Sea.

      Mostly because my wife is hogging the PS4 so I can’t play Fallout 4.Report

      • Avatar Kim says:

        I haven’t heard a single good thing about Sunless Sea… (Although seein’ what’s been done with Fallen London, I might should be a bit more optimistic about the “developers” takin’ advice from people who know better — not to impugn the “developers”, they’re decent writers truthfully).
        You playin’ Fallen London? (I suppose I ought to do a review of that one)Report

        • Avatar Morat20 says:

          I have not played Fallen London. Sunlesss Sea got positive reviews, and I’ve rather liked it. It’s a very slow roguelike, and it’s easy to die — and victory conditions are more what you want them to be. And it is an odd man out, being a roguelike that’s best stuff is in storytelling and background.

          I’ve switched to Banished right now — Sunless Sea takes the right mood.Report

          • Avatar Kim says:

            You should play Fallen London, then! It’s quite good, and free to boot. (as I keep saying, I really ought to review it).

            Yeah, when I put developers in quotes, it’s because they’re crack storytellers… who don’t have very good concept of game design.Report