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  1. Avatar Maribou says:

    I, on the other hand, stay up past midnight on New Year’s Eve because I almost never go to bed before then anyway. (Goes with the whole “start work at noon” thing.) Have noticed in the past few years that I am less and less likely to have company in the latter part of the evening though.

    In related news, I am about to go over to friends’ for the evening, but will be leaving around 10 because that is when they fall asleep on NYE. It’s actually a lot better driving home at that time, and I enjoy having a couple of quiet hours of reflection to myself at the end of the year. Plus I need to get started on writing tiny reviews of approximately 200 books! I like to be caught up by the end of the week in which NYE falls.

    Tomorrow we will be having a lovely dinner with friends at a church-turned-fancy-restaurant halfway between their house and ours (ie in the middle of the Front Range), and Sunday, I think, will either be devoted to rest or taking Jaybird’s mom out to lunch. Maybe both.Report

    • Avatar Miss Mary says:

      Quiet time to reflect just before the new year starts is nice. 🙂Report

      • Avatar Maribou says:

        Turns out we all (4) adults stayed up past midnight. We had to finish the 3rd Hobbit movie! So much for being grown up. Jaybird was asleep at home long before that though.Report

    • Avatar aaron david says:

      Do you publish these little reviews? I would be interested to read some of them.Report

      • Avatar Maribou says:

        Yes, they’re the main thing I post at memory palace. fair warning, due to some family worries, i have read SO MANY picture books in the past couple of months. (they’re comforting, you see.) i should have a best 10 percent of 2015 post up sometime before Sunday the 10th (probably more palatable to the casual reader), I’ll link to it in the comments on that Sunday! post.Report

  2. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    I feel so old. There have been few times since I was 15 that I didn’t need to be out of bed by 6:15 or so. I’ve always been an eight-and-a-half hours of sleeping guy, which put me to bed by 10:00 or so. When I was younger, I was willing to make the effort to stay up. These days, not so much.

    I’ve been playing with my new SiliconDust set top box this week. Three independent high-def video windows at once on my computer monitor. Lord knows what I would have given for this kind of capability back in the day, when I was more interested in college football and the important games overlapped on different networks more.Report