Ordinary People

CK MacLeod

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6 Responses

  1. notme says:

    We can’t all be socialists.Report

  2. North says:

    Hmm good article. Chomsky skews left, of course, on the economics. Is a little too hard (but only a little) on the Germans re: Greece and a little over the top about capitalism in general but at least in this interview much of what is states seems pretty solid; especially pretty much everything he says about Syria which is spot on from my point of view.Report

    • CK MacLeod in reply to North says:

      I find Chomsky’s mode of argument essentially no different from rank conspiracism, which tends to rest on the same improper assignment of a type of logic to events and decisions that are inherently resistant to it. That he’s so much better at the game than the run of the mill crank or crackpot or commenter makes me even more reluctant to send people off in his direction. However, I found the last sentences amusing, and the idea of my quoting him here amusing in a different way, and I’m sympathetic to his general point, though I’ll note that he seems to be saying something like “stop worrying about climate catastrophe when there are more immediate problems for you to deal with.” If someone else had said what he said, I might be urging the eds to put it on the future “About” page or use it as a site motto.Report