The Dog Ate My Homework

…Actually, the dog ate everybody’s homework. My wife and I went grocery shopping and when we got home I found this on my living room floor:

dogatehomeworkNow I’m going to have to write my own tests.

Damn dog. Why do I buy her all those chew toys again?

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12 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Homework

      • We don’t believe in valuable furniture, other than sentimental value. For example, we still have the same couch/loveseat set that Jay’s had since he was a kid (it’s been reupholstered once and is probably going to experience that again in the coming year. Also restuffed because ow.)

        Shabby chic just looks *better* when it’s got cat holes / shreds / etc.


  1. And I remember when CDs came out, the big selling point was that they would never scratch or deteriorate like vinyl.
    Practically indestructible, those things are.
    Last forever.


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