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21 Responses

  1. Burt Likko says:

    Yes, as I said elsewhere, this and Tomb Raider are things I shall look forward to.

    I may well defer them until I upgrade to the Xbox one.

    But for me, the weekend is fully spoken for: brewing to prepare for Christmas, then a lecture by an astronaut, then entertaining my former law partner’s husband during her baby shower.Report

  2. Miss Mary says:

    Now that I have weekends off I can go back to being crazy busy on my days off. I just spent two hours at the PTO setting up for our big fundraiser tomorrow. You can find me having a wild Friday night at Bingo raising money for the kindergarten class. Saturday Junior and I are getting haircuts and visiting my grandmother that lives over the hill and through the woods. Sunday I’m donating platelets and finishing up the big move from two weeks ago. Why did I move all of this stuff just so I could take it the the Goodwill two weeks later???Report

  3. aarondavid says:

    We are going to look at dogs to adopt.Report

  4. James K says:

    Fallout 4 will be a significant part of my weekend.Report

  5. Joe Sal says:

    Will be harvesting the last couple dozen chile pequin that ripened over the week. These go great on sandwiches, they have a nice heat that is softened by mayo.

    The rain is providing good conditions to plant seeds of the Cristalina cactus pears that were acquired at the local farm market. The Prickly Pear looking cactus produce fruit about the size of a smallish pear. The pear is deliciously sweet on the inside, but the seeds make it difficult to consume. Most seeds sprout in their second year and rabbits have eat the young pads to ground level if discovered.

    The Grey Ghost Organ Pipe produced ripe ‘pitaya’ this week. IMO it is the best sweet fruit an arid ground can produce with very limited water resources. Not overly abundant but what it produces is well worth the minimal effort.Report

  6. North says:

    Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void is out. It’s kindof meh but I was utterly transfixed by the original Starcraft so I want to ring the old regime to its close and the graphics are nice.

    I’m avoiding Fallout 4 until around Xmas time. Price will be lower, bugs will be fixed and then I can decide if I have forgiven them for making it into the world spanning popular epic it is instead of the kooky little top down turn based game I adored when it was merely Fallout 2. I managed to simply not play Fallout 3 though the hubby was obsessed with it.Report

  7. Fish says:

    I plan to embark on a final push to get the last of my Blood Bowl figures painted this weekend, a task which might be a whole lot easier if I would stop buying more Blood Bowl figures…Report

  8. Michael Cain says:

    I need to start thinking seriously about what to do about my devices. I’ve got an old flip phone, an old iPod Nano plugged into the auxiliary port in my car, a Nexus 7 running Android for which Google has MD’ed official support, and an old Lenovo laptop running Kubuntu (with lots of traditional “UNIX” software installed on top of that. The tablet gets used largely as an e-book reader, occasionally as a browser. I find myself increasingly frustrated by the app-centric handling of data and lack of file system on the smaller ones. Just fishin’ put the MP3 files in one place in an honest-to-deity file system (available to my Mac as well) and run the player software of my choice. And I’ve got some of my own software written in Perl and Python that I’d like to run on it. Wishful thinking that I might get a single device that’s not too big to do all those things?Report

  9. El Muneco says:

    You know how they say basically not to cook bacon when not fully clothed? I can confirm that it’s not just bacon you should be worried about…

    On a brighter note, I dedicate this weekend’s soccer games to Japanese legend Kazu Miura. The first to leave his country for a lucrative career in Europe, by the time his national team had matured to the same level, he was considered too old when Japan co-hosted the 2002 World Cup (he never played in a WC).

    This week, he signed a contract to play his 31st season, at the age of 48 (49 during the season), and he has a chance to be possibly the first player since the incomparable Stanley Matthews of England (who did play in two WC, but wasn’t available for selection for the humiliating loss to the USA in 1950) to play top-level soccer at the age of 50.

    From all us weekend warriors who also don’t know when to quit – Banzai!Report