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2 Responses

  1. Avatar James K says:

    A lot of good stuff in this episode:

    1) I think there was some merit in having Franklin taken out of play for this ark. It helped sell the weight of what the crew was dealing with. He just couldn’t handle the stress, and that makes the pressure of their situation feel more real.

    2) I agree with you on Londo’s stupidity. It seems his tragic flaw is his inability to see Mordin as a threat. Vir is a much less experienced political operator, but has no trouble seeing Mordin as Bad News. It’s almost as if Londo is so stuck in his ways that he can only contextualise threats in terms of courtly intrigue or Narn aggression. If someone not either a Narn of a Centauri noble he can’t see them as anything but a tool or a nuisance.

    3) Gur zbfg cbjreshy lbhatre enpr vf vaqrrq vfbyngvbavfg, naq pybfryl nyvtarq jvgu gur Ibeybaf. V’z fher gung’f abg n pbvapvqrapr.

    4) On the Shadows’ dimness – it’s worth bearing in mind that the Shadows are really, really different from the younger races. Empathy is the act of using your brain to simulate someone else’s, and if that someone else is culturally and evolutionariliy really different to you it would be really hard to understand them at all, that’s probably half the reason why they even bother with Mordin. Sure the Vorlons are better at it, but they’re telepathic.Report

  2. Avatar Dman says:

    I think this is when I really start to love this show. It is the clever writing and the intrigue of this war that sold the show for me.
    1) Never cared for this story ark. Franklin could have just stayed in the background and I would have been fine with it.
    2) Agreed. Londo still thinks the universes revolve around the Centari Republic. It also helps that Morden is the one that has helped Londo achieve the power he has, so I think he still views him as an ally.
    4) When we see their motivation later on it is easy to see why they have no knowledge of empathy or kinder emtions. I agree that this is why they brought on board so of the humans to give them that knowledge. V org gur Naan zbir jnf fhttrfgrq ol gur uhzna nqivfbef nf jryy.Report