The Montauk Catamaran Company Chronicles 10/23/15: Well begun is half done…?

David Ryan

David Ryan is a boat builder and USCG licensed master captain. He is the owner of Sailing Montauk and skipper of Montauk''s charter sailing catamaran MON TIKI You can follow him on Twitter @CaptDavidRyan

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5 Responses

  1. Richard Hershberger says:

    But idea of the driving a Mercedes coup doesn’t excite me the way the idea of building a big silly boat excites me.

    Good man!Report

    • My fantasy car used to be a Mercedes Sprinter. The Holbrook shop necessitated our becoming a two car family. My wife’s always like cute, sporty cars, so we got her a Fiat 500C, and I got the minivan as my work vehicle, and that seemed to make my Sprinter lust go away. (Lust being an overly strong word; mostly I don’t give a shit about cars at all.) But a week ago, driving to the Holbrook shop for the first time I passed a fellow driving a silver Mercedes convertible, and I snapped a picture and texted it to my wife, “That one.”

      At any rate, the silver Mercedes coup in the deli parking lot was both incongruous and made perfect sense. The businesses in our new neighborhood are very much working-class, where as my professional life has always entailed a lot intangible rewards — some measure of social prestige, an unusual degree of person satisfaction, etc. — but most people work to make money, and most people run businesses for the same reason. I’m sure Mr. Mercedes has twice the headaches and worries that I do (at least), and driving a swanky car is part of what makes it all worthwhile.Report

  2. notme says:

    How does it feel to be a job creator?Report

    • David Ryan in reply to notme says:

      How does it feel to be a job creator? It feels sardonic. Wait, no. I just looked up “sardonic” and that’s not the right word. When I made movies I hired people all the time, but no one ever accused me of being a job creator. Ironic maybe? I’m not sure. Remember when Freddie called me a
      “rich buddha” for abandoning my (rapidly failing) filmmaking and building a boat to try and not lose our house? Anyway, yeah, job creator.Report