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  1. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    I forget if there’s another technology, so I’m using Rot-13:

    Qryraa vf Zbetna Yr Snl. Fur jnf gurer ng gur svefg pbagnpg, juvpu fgnegrq gur Rnegu-Zvaonev jne. Fur, va snpg, vafgvtngrq vg, nsgre jvgarffvat gur qrngu bs ure zragbe, Qhxung. Fur nyfb raqrq gur jne, nsgre yrneavat gung Fvapynve’f QAN zngpurq gung bs Inyra, nf jvgarffrq ol gur Gevyhzvanel.

    Qryraa’f unaqf ner vaperqvoyl qvegl naq vg’f pyrne gung gur cngu fur unf pubfra sbe urefrys jnf vagraqrq gb or ngbarzrag sbe gung. V whfg qba’g erzrzore jurgure guvf unf orpbzr pyrne ng guvf cbvag va gur frevrf be abg, naq vs abg, gura abzvangvat Qryraa nf Zbetna Yr Snl.

    Vaqrrq, Qryraa vf pnhtug va n pbzcebzvfvat fvghngvba ol gur dhvgr harkcrpgrq erghea bs Furevqna’f yrtny jvsr, Naan (jubz ur gubhtug qrnq). Guvf zveebef gur vasvqryvgl bs Neguhe jvgu Zbetna. Ohg ntnva, V qba’g erzrzore vs jr’ir frra gung lrg.Report

  2. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    I loved that the used David McCallum for this. And he was very good for the part, too.Report

  3. Avatar Fitzgerald says:

    Brit-pick: Great Britain definitely has venomous snakes. The Common European Adder can be found throughout England and Scotland. You’re probably thinking of Ireland, which is entirely snake free.

    Note that adders aren’t especially venomous. The chances of one killing a healthy knight are just about nill. But they still hurt like a son of a gun when they bite.Report

  4. Avatar Maribou says:

    These are always enjoyable, but this one is particularly good. I didn’t get *nearly* as much out of this episode when I watched it. Thank you.Report

  5. Avatar Patrick says:

    I am two episodes behind.

    I miss free timeReport

  6. Avatar James K says:

    I thought perhaps Mordin was Mordred.

    I have to agree about Garibaldi – he ran the gamut from whiny to actually corrupt in this episode.Report