Aaron David

A fourth generation Californian, befuddled.

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  1. Avatar Chris says:

    Wonderful, and congratulations on ten years.Report

  2. Avatar Glyph says:

    Congratulations! We just celebrated an anniversary here too.

    This would be occasion-apropos title/artist-wise….if not for the lyrics:

  3. Avatar Saul Degraw says:

    Happy AnniversaryReport

  4. Avatar LeeEsq says:


  5. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Positively lovely.

    Here’s to another ten.Report

  6. Avatar North says:

    Congrats! Many happy returns.Report

  7. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

    I swear it gets easier after the first decade.Report

  8. Avatar Stillwater says:

    Congrats on making it thru your first decade together. You know, what you wrote up there resonates with me quite a bit, for a couple of reasons. The first is sorta a trivial pop-culture grievance I’m gonna air: I’m tired of people talking about how relationships are hard work and all that blather. They’re not. What is hard, tho, for lots of people, me included (and this is the second thing) is having your whole life reflected back to you thru the filter of someone you love and respect, especially if you’re inclined (as I am) to take that person’s views very seriously (because you love and respect them). But that’s what relationship is really all about, it seems to me. So it’s not that relationships are hard work, it’s that being honest with ourselves is hard work, and relationships – if we take them seriously – can’t help but act as a reality-check on our own personal honesty and self-awareness. Something like that, anyway, at least from my pov.

    Good on ya both for sticking with it.Report

  9. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Thank you, @aarondavid, for sharing the rough spots with us. It’s easy to focus on the good stuff, the reasons you’re attracted to her, the joy you derive from your family, the support and affection you exchange. To share the harder things, the learning to accept flaws part, the having trouble communicating part, the asking for help part, the grit-your-teeth-and-stick-to-the-commitment part — is perhaps less pleasant to mentally go over, but very valuable to the rest of us as a reminder that indeed, this too is part of what it is to be intimate with someone else for a long period of time.

    Mrs. Likko and I are at eleven and a half. We’ve had some rough patches too but I can’t imagine what I’d be doing or where I’d be or how I’d be getting by without her and I love her intensely. I’m sure that your Carolyn inspires the same in you, else you’d not have written this piece. Celebrate that, and remember that you get to reflect on the good parts, too.Report

  10. Avatar greginak says:

    Congrats, good for you.Report

  11. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    Congratulations. It sounds like you put in a lot of work. You both should be proud of what you built. Lots of folks can’t or won’t get there, so you have something special. Take care of each other.Report

  12. Avatar Murali says:

    Happy anniversaryReport

  13. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    I drank too much, she smoked too much pot. That was no big deal until she quit drinking. Then it became a huge deal.

    Is that backwards? I’m trying to figure out how her quitting the thing you did too much while continuing to do the thing she did too much becomes a problem.Report