Monthly Archive: October 2015


Oh my gosh, Fallout 4 comes out in 10 days! Wait, I talked about that last week.
A bit of a pre-review of Darkest Dungeon.
Also, Fallout 4 comes out in 10 days.

Music for Cats

Just because you like Van Halen doesn’t mean your cat does.


Overthinking a classic.


On dreams as catharsis.
Also, the government gives us our hour back this weekend.

Fantasy Football: Week 7 (and Football Season open thread)

The off-field drama looms large over the bye week play, as the top-ranked teams’ coaches both are forced to call up lawyers from the waiver wire. Our intrepid reporter brings it all to you in the Week In Review!


Two great tastes that I definitely would not have expected to taste great together.

Why Alphabet?

Alphabet is about Google not becoming Microsoft.

The Curse of Anson

The World Series begins this evening. The Cubs will not win it for the 107th year in a row. Here’s why.


Season 3, Episode 14: “Ship of Tears”, recapped by Katherine!

Election Time in the Rockies

I suspect that my off-off-year ballot is different from most of yours in more ways than one.