Deader Than Dead

You will no doubt be unsurprised to lean that, when I was a considerably younger man, my humor skewed in the direction of satire. But not the rapier-like sort I aspire to (and very occasionally achieve) these days. The object was to destroy any opposing views, and the weapon for that was a meat axe. Or a club. I might, in those days, have parodied a defender of the Confederate flag by having him say “Calm down, it’s just a symbol. Like a swastika. And it’s not like anybody has a problem with those.”

But not now. For one thing, I’m no longer a fan of the bludgeon. For another, it wouldn’t be a parody, because Dr. Ben Carson, being perfectly serious, just pretty much said that.

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12 thoughts on “Deader Than Dead

  1. You know, in a certain sense the Confederate flag is even worse than a swastika, since the hooked cross had other meanings prior to the Nazi appropriation of it. The Confederate flag has only ever been a symbol of white supremacy and treason.


    • Damn, all those people who think the Confederate flag is THE symbol of rebellion are going to be filled with sorrow when someone informs them otherwise.

      Great job folks, I see more flags hoisted than ever these days. Hell, they are even selling bedsheets with the flag. A flag the size of a bed. I mean really, damnit. Peeps are fornicating and creating babies under this thing.


    • The Confederate flag has only ever been a symbol of white supremacy and treason.

      I think, technically, the actual Confederate flag has only been a symbol of *slavery* and treason, and the thing everyone is *currently* flying (Which is, IIRC, a misshapen battle flag) is just currently white supremacy and slight treason.

      I.e., there are two different things here, the actual Confederacy, and the Confederate flag *revival*, in the 1960s. Both of them are evil, but they’re technically *different* evils.

      This is almost the opposite direction of what happened with the swastika. It’s someone using a symbol of great evil for…slightly lesser evil in basically the same vein.

      The real problem, of course, is that a good section of the US population has decided it *wasn’t* evil. None of it.

      But I think this all raises an excellent question of why those people hate America?


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