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  1. Glyph says:

    Heh…I commented before that Fury Road had a lot of Freudian imagery. The three biggest:

    The War Boys: white, bald, innumerable, and individually-disposable, sent out in waves to target, literally, prized ova. Might as well have been more vicious versions of the mission-deployed sperm in Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex.

    Max, tacitly admitting Furiosa is the superior shot, and allowing his body to be used as a passive, submissive “receptacle” for her to steady and fire her Big Gun…yowza.

    And Max and Furiosa finally consummating their relationship as he penetrates her – first with a blade to save her from suffocating, then with the blood bag needle that allows him to give her life via his “essence” (and finally, name)…I may need to go lie down.Report

  2. Kazzy says:

    Having not seen any of the Mad Max movies, I have to ask: why does BDSM wear seem to be what folks opt to wear post-apocalypse? I mean, what is the thought process? “Hmmm… society has collapsed. It is kill or be killed out there. I know we’d all rather stay in the bunker, but we need supplies. So… meet at noon. Codpieces all around.”

    Taking the boys to see “Home” being shown at some old historic building in the neighborhood. Should be cool? I think? Then we’re going to make some play dough and rage out in our pajamas. Big win.

    As for games… I just had a friend ridicule me when I said, “Oh, I have that game,” while watching the episode of ‘Big Bang Theory’ where the characters play Settlers of Catan. When I pointed out that we were watching a nerd show at her behest, it was of little consequence. I had to wear the doofus hat, it seems.Report

    • Michael Cain in reply to Kazzy says:

      Not sure about codpieces, but given just how much casual violence there seems to be in everyday life — flying motorcycles! melee! — I’d certainly put my cup on in the mornings…Report

    • Glyph in reply to Kazzy says:

      Even after society has crumbled and we are all reduced to feral animals fighting for scraps amongst the rubble, black remains a very slimming color.

      More seriously:

      1.) Given the timeframe of the first couple movies’ dates of production, the universe’s aesthetic is lifted fairly directly from the punk scene, which heavily-featured S&M gear/dog collars/bondage trousers/etc. Its themes of nuclear apocalypse and nihilistic no-futurism made it a natural match for the MM universe.

      2.) Leather, in general, has been historically used in some fashion in both Westerns (and the MM universe is in some ways a “Western” one), as well as biker culture (with obvious links to MM), and for some of the same reasons. Think riding chaps. Leather’s breathable, and fairly durable.

      3.) To your point about codpieces, codpieces were in fact featured on some suits of medieval armor, and Miller (and/or Miller’s costume designer) wanted to suggest a sort of “armor” for these characters, cobbled together from scraps of biker/bondage wear and football gear.

      4.) In Road Warrior and Fury Road in particular, themes of sexuality & submission are woven into this world in unexpected ways; in RW, the bad guys are a sort of homoerotic warrior tribe; in FR, the bad guys are a sort of patriarchal fertility cult, and in fact quite homophobic.Report

    • LeeEsq in reply to Kazzy says:

      People in the post-apocalypse where BDSM wear to titillate the viewers. They aren’t trying to create an even remotely realistic post-apocalypse but a fantasy one where basically the only people left are those that would have been in biker gangs and such in the pre-appcalypse. As such, thats where they get their wardrobe choices from. A serious post apocalypse film would have everybody dressed in tough working clothing fit for intense physical labor.Report