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Richard Hershberger

Richard Hershberger is a paralegal working in Maryland. When he isn't doing whatever it is that paralegals do, or taking his daughters to Girl Scouts, he is dedicated to the collection and analysis of useless and unremunerative information.

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  1. By “former governor of Rhode Island” do you mean William Sprague? He was married to Kate Chase (Salmon P’s daughter), a famous beauty of Washington society but also a very intelligent and capable woman. (She was instrumental in her father’s two presidential campaigns.) When they divorced in1882, Sprague was no longer fabulously wealthy, as drink, bad investments, and the Panic of 1873 had taken their toll. Also, Kate was only ten years younger than Sprague, not at all unusual at the time; when they divorced, she was 42 and he 52.Report

    • Avatar Richard Hershberger says:

      True confession: I am not in fact conversant with the details of the William Sprague scandal. I read a few of the contemporary newspaper items, and made the rookie mistake of taking them at face value. My bad.Report