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  1. Michael Cain says:

    A minor but tedious and time-consuming plumbing repair.

    When I was at Lowe’s yesterday buying the various parts I’ll need, the woman checking me out asked me how I was doing. She found it hilarious that my answer was, “I’m buying plumbing parts. The only question is whether I’m doing moderately bad, or really bad.”Report

  2. Will Truman says:

    Need to finish putting together the kitchen cabinet.

    I’m going to have to do Linky Friday link harvesting soon. I’d like to get a jump on it this weekend.

    Not much to report other than that.Report

  3. Glyph says:

    I finished bingeing S1 of Mr. Robot last night, so maybe I’ll actually go to bed early tonight.

    Unless I decide to start bingeing Daredevil.Report

  4. dragonfrog says:

    I think I have the house to myself most of this weekend. I’ll probably have pants on, albeit comfy ones, because it’s starting to get cold out. I just discovered the library has the latest installment of Charles Stross’s Laundry Files series available, so I’m going over there right now to check it out, and read it in one or two sittings this weekend.

    There’s a get-together at a friend’s place tomorrow night. A good chance that means a slightly hung over Sunday morning (we both brew stuff, and want the other to try one of these and one of these…). Some bicycling. Some minor bits and bobs of reno work (finish sanding and painting the plaster around on the spots where the old molding reached the edge of the drywall but the new stuff doesn’t, which of course we didn’t realize until we’d finished painting).Report

    • aarondavid in reply to dragonfrog says:

      Sounds like you have a full and very nice weekend ahead of you!Report

    • Morat20 in reply to dragonfrog says:

      My enjoyment of the Laundry novels jumped heavily once I internalized the fact that Stross likes unreliable narrators, and that Word of God is that Bob — given he’s writing his own memoirs — is most certainly one.

      It’s most telling when he discusses his love life (and his ex) because I know that guy. I know that song-and-dance, I’ve seen it live and in color. And I know the dragons that lurk underneath the heavy coats of subjective paint and recasting of facts to place the narrator in a better light.Report

      • dragonfrog in reply to Morat20 says:

        Funny, I can’t think offhand of places where the narrator is making himself out to be particularly good at his relationship. Certainly he’s blaming a lot of the failure on the stress of their jobs and how they handle it, but he at least doesn’t seem to be painting Mhari as especially to blame, or himself as especially innocent.Report

  5. aarondavid says:

    Just quiet here. Pan frying a steak, reading decent french thrillers, working in the shop, chores I don’t like doing when C. is around, music, etc.Report

  6. Burt Likko says:

    Didn’t brew last week after all, will try to brew this week. Weather is starting to cool off so that’ll help.

    Doggy play-date with some neighbors who have an adorable basset hound and hopefully an appetite for bratwurst.

    I’ve got a significant trial coming up in in five weeks, so maybe some work.Report

  7. Maribou says:

    Well, I failed to keep Jaybird up on recent developments – as it turns out, my houseguest and another of her friends won tickets to Phish at Red Rocks for tonight the first night they were here… and houseguest is flying out of DIA on Saturday. So she’s left already. And I miss her already, and would love to have kept her longer, but I also am looking forward to a mainly pantsless weekend.

    I will have to put on either pants or a skirt Saturday afternoon and night, though, as I am needed to work in lieu of one of my student workers (who covered for me all week so I could do stuff with houseguest).

    I’m hoping that we MIGHT make it to the State Fair, but it’ll be a squeaker between that and doing not much of anything. Think it depends on how much of not much of anything we manage to squeeze into our Saturday. (I went to the state-fair-equivalent while I was back in PEI, so I’m not as undeterrable as usual about the CO State Fair…)Report

  8. Miss Mary says:

    I *love* fair food!!! It’s terrible for you, and I’d eat it every day until I got sick. 🙂

    This weekend is a BIG weekend in the car business. I’ll be working my little buns off. The guys at work (I’m the only female car salesperson – surprise, surprise) say that I move too quickly and it makes the customers feel rushed. I can’t help that I naturally walk fast! I slow down when walking with the customers, but when I’m running for keys or whatnot, I walk fast. It’s just who I am. Anyway, hopefully I’ll sell at least two cars this weekend. And hopefully I make more than $75 a car this time. I really suck at selling cars. 🙁

    BBQ at my sister’s house and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry with Junior on Labor Day evening. Then it’s Junior’s first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday!!! You can find me crying in my car while he’s inside. I hate that he grows up so fast.Report

    • Miss Mary in reply to Miss Mary says:

      *This* is why I talked my sister in to hosting a Labor Day BBQ. Even though I woke up and thought about everything in the world I’d rather do today than go to a BBQ with my sister’s friends, I’m enjoying the heck out of this.Report