Breakfast for Lunch

450 calories, admittedly many of them fat and carbohydrates, but still, a very affordable, filling, convenient, and tasty lunch!


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26 thoughts on “Breakfast for Lunch

  1. If a single Sausage McMuffin ™ is all you need for lunch, you’re a better man than I. Can you really forgo the hashbrown and still make it to dinner?


      • If I were still permitting myself to eat fried fast food on a regular basis (I’m down 25 pounds!) I’d prefer that hash brown oval to french fries, onion rings, tots, or pretty much any other deep fried crispy-salty-starchy side order one might care to proffer. The McDonald’s hash brown disc is thick enough to actually taste like a potato rather than just the vegetable oil it’s been fried in, and is still crispy enough to satisfy a craving for crunchiness while biting and chewing.

        But, I’m not eating that stuff all that much these days. I get that tactile sensation from celery and cucumbers mainly these days, which is healthier … but a lot less fun.


      • You must be from Pittsburgh. FYI, the second photo on that page is just about the perfect encapsulation of the 70’s. Those guys look like they wandered off the set of Welcome Back, Kotter and decided to stick around to make sandwiches.


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