Monthly Archive: September 2015

The Joe Borden Story

or, Baseball’s Original Worst Contract Ever


Dan’s got ’em.

Deader Than Dead

It’s the bag of hammers of humor.

$92 million

Manufactroversy? Who can tell?

On Killing My Mother

For those who are into such things: the story of how I decided to murder my mother, told live.

Good Lord.

I seriously need to learn to never, ever read comments sections outside OT.

Idiocy, One-Third

Burt Likko nearly cheats on his abstention vows.


On Twitter, Gentleperson Emeritus Elizabeth Picciuto pointed out that “1995 has no business being 20 years ago.” So I googled the pop culture events of 1995.

Go to sleep…permanently

Undisclosed ingredients in dietary supplements are not a good thing, and it’s one of many problems with that industry. However, Dave is especially troubled by the discovery of DNP in a supplement that has nothing to do with weight loss.


Mad Max: The Video Game. (Warning: Freud Would Have A Field Day.)

Chris and/or Jaybird Bait…

Muse, rhyme of the beef of the son of Peleus that piled mad grief all up on the Achaeans
and spurred to Perdition the souls of real gangstas, yo, and for bitches an’ crows they made banquets.