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  1. Avatar Glyph says:

    Finally watched ep.1 of Mr. Robot last night. Color me very intrigued for sure. I got shades of Fight Club, Pump Up The Volume (complete with the appearance of Mr. Happy Harry Hard-On, who has apparently had extensive plastic surgery, because there is no way that Slater’s face could still look that unlined); as well as, weirdly, Veronica Mars (another voice-overing lead, who justified their often very disturbingly-cavalier intrusions into the personal lives of others as a necessary corrective to a system tilted far in favor of the wealthy and powerful).

    (No politics).

    I’d like to see where they take the unreliable narrator thing – the protagonist is someone who appears to be struggling with mental illness and possibly delusions, and is self-medicating at least. This can contribute to the general atmosphere of paranoia, but it could also make for some neat ethical dilemmas and/or role reversals, if it turns out that his view of the world is not totally correct nor complete.Report

    • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

      They delayed the finale, so we’re finally completely caught up. For me it’s worked really well, but it’s starting to lose R.Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Chris says:

        OK, I am three episodes in, and I am loving this. Best new show I’ve seen in a while, as long as it doesn’t go off the rails (fingers crossed). Add American Psycho to the list of cultural sources it’s drawing on, yet still managing to get a fresh feel from. Great cinematography and score, in addition to the acting and characters. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be using words like “dark” or “kinky” to describe a USA show, but here we are. The somewhat-similar in tone (and similarly-great visuals) Utopia S1 turned out to be a bit disappointing in the end; here’s hoping this one holds it together.Report

        • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:


          I think American Psycho was the first influence R. mentioned, though that might have been in later episodes, I can’t remember (we binged the first 5 in one weekend).Report

          • Avatar Glyph in reply to Chris says:

            In episode 3 you spend some time with the E-Corp climber / presumed nemesis (can’t remember his name – wait, looked it up, HAH, it’s ‘Tyrell’, so let’s add Blade Runner to the list) who appears at this point to be a complete sociopath who will do anything to get what he wants – another P. Bateman with a perfectly-coordinated wardrobe (and he gets a compliment from another exec on the presumed brand of his tie).

            I’ve seen some complaints about the show name, which people seem to think makes it a hard sell (people who don’t like TV robots may avoid it: and people that do like TV robots, may be disappointed), but I like it since (even if the fully-expected Tyler Durden twist doesn’t happen, and Slater technically remains the titular character) it’s still a good name for a show in which an alienated techie protagonist fears becoming the modern equivalent of a “Mr. Jones”/gray-flannel-suit type, and feels unable to connect with other people.

            I AM wondering why they chose an OG Battlestar Galactica – type font for the title though. I like it (and the cinematography/design/font choices in general), I just can’t quite figure out what it is supposed to signify (if anything – maybe it’s just another sci-fi/robot nod like ‘Tyrell’ presumably is).Report

            • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

              There may be a couple other Blade Runner elements, and the font will be explained, at least historically, in later episodes (I don’t think that’s a real spoiler, is it?).

              I think the name is perfect, given Elliot’s struggles with feeling like other people.

              One of my favorite scenes, which I believe is in the first 3 episodes, but might be in 4, involves Vera. When he confronts Elliot, and talks about his self-loathing. It was perfectly written, and incredibly well acted.

              There is a later scene that is another of my favorites, but I know you haven’t gotten to it, so I will save it for later.Report

              • Avatar Glyph in reply to Chris says:

                If you are referring to the scene with the dealer/rapist, yes, that was a good scene, as was the wonderful scene where Elliot manages to sweetly connect with his neighbor/dealer (of course, THAT is doomed, poor girl).Report

              • Avatar Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

                Agh, dangit, I just went to wiki to see the dealer’s name and spoiled myself on something coming up, which I pretty much knew had to be coming by the rules of TV drama but now I know for sure.Report

              • Avatar Glyph in reply to Glyph says:

                Have I mentioned that just like in real life, I am terrible with remembering names on TV shows? It takes me a very long while to get them down.Report

              • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

                Ah, sorry. I should have said the dealer, as I’m not good with names either. But yeah, that’s the scene.Report

              • Avatar Glyph in reply to Chris says:

                Eh, no worries, it was my fault.

                I just realized there’s possibly another ’80s sci-fi movie reference here.

                Elliot…wears a hoodie…has an absentee father…how does he feel about Reese’s Pieces?Report

              • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

                So far, none of the other characters have extra long fingers with lambent tips. So far.Report

              • Avatar Glyph in reply to Chris says:

                I forgot another Patrick Bateman moment: when Tyrell has (surprisingly explicit) sex with the admin assistant so that he can compromise his phone to learn about his professional rival, and during/just after it checks his pulse/heart rate.

                “Just getting in a little cardio, along with my sociopathic sexual subterfuge.”Report

              • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

                I keep waiting for him to talk about Huey Lewis.Report

              • Avatar Glyph in reply to Chris says:

                And here’s how I know I’m hooked – for some reason, episode 5 wasn’t available on-demand, so I bought it, rather than lose momentum while waiting for a re-run to DVR.

                Then, I stayed up too late watching episode 6, when I had told myself I was only going to watch 4 & 5. I’ll probably watch 3 more tonight.

                Damn, this show is great.Report

              • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

                Oh man, I’m so glad you like it.

                The finale is tonight!Report

    • Avatar aarondavid in reply to Glyph says:

      Where is Mr Robot showing? Netflix, Hulu?

      Also, have you ever seen Brick?Report

  2. Avatar Glyph says:

    Hannibal remained beautifully-insane, right to the very end.

    I’m not going to lie – I’m kind of glad it’s over; even as a vocal fan of the show’s gothic psychological horror from the start, there have been times this season when I’ve said “Oh, come ON!” at the latest dream-logic plot twist or beautifully slow-mo’d blood droplet; and the gore has been, at times, tough to take.

    But there has never been anything like it on TV before, and I think it’ll be a very long while before we see its like again. Beautifully shot, impressively scored (they lured Siouxsie Sioux out of her eight-year writing lull to collaborate on a Bond-ian number!), wonderfully acted, and very, very funny and fished-up. It’s been three indelible seasons of European arthouse cinema, somehow smuggled onto NBC.

    It’s also the most homoerotic show that network TV has ever broadcast.Report

    • Avatar Brandon Berg in reply to Glyph says:

      I love me some Hannibal, but I miss happy Bryan Fuller.

      By the way, I’m still way behind. Did it actually get a proper ending?Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Brandon Berg says:

        It’s a definitive ending I’d say. Which is not to say there aren’t open questions (in particular, there’s a post-credits stinger that is pretty ambiguous), or that the ending is, uh….standard in any way.

        Fuller’s doing American Gods next. If he keeps this up, he’s going to have one of the longest unbroken runs of high quality vs. low ratings ever (but seriously, kudos to NBC for running Hannibal this long and letting them get away with what they did).Report

  3. Avatar Will Truman says:

    People need to stop sleeping with people that are not currently their spouse or partner unless neither they nor the person they are sleeping with are not in a relationship.

    I’m listening Grey’s Anatonomy.

    Up next is Richard North Patterson, to decide if I want to use Audible credits to get more of his books.

    I’ve kind of stalled on Person of Interest, but hope to start up again soon.Report

  4. Avatar Michael Drew says:

    So… season 1 of Ducktales, $9? Or, season 1 of Ducktales + season 1 of Talespin, $9?

    That doesn’t seem… awesome. If I were in the market to own episodes of those series, I might pay nine dollars to own one of the series. Outright.

    (It’d be Tailspin.)Report

  5. Avatar Maribou says:

    I’ve been wrestling with Nelly Arcan’s Burqa de chair all week – painful to read but well worth the struggle. I also read a cute kid’s book called 11 Experiments that Failed, and I’ve just barely started Frankenstein. On vacation I read The Moonstone and three delightfully fluffy Mindy Klasky novels. Oh, and a neat bestiary/novel called Impossible Beasts. And many short stories from the giant ebook (3000+ pages) that did a few years back to celebrate their fifth anniversary – I’ll be working my way through that one for ages, I expect.

    I’m watching Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell … before that some episodes of the second season of The Muppet Show… before that My Boy Jack.

    Way behind on all my podcasts so I’ll probably be catching upReport

  6. Avatar aarondavid says:

    So, watched a few episodes of Jeeves and Wooster last night, can someone tell me why the two of them didn’t just quit acting when those were done? The chances of the two of them doing anything at that level ever again is just minuscule, so as the Romans would say “die now!” because it will never get better. Also watched the movie Your Sisters Sister. Not bad, worth checking out on a slow night, and at least it tries to do something new/interesting. There are some interesting and quite honest portrayals of grief in the beginning that are very well done and it is worth watching for that.

    I seem to be in a start books before finishing books phase (not uncommon with me) and have picked up a history of the East India Company, Sommervilles The Irish RM and couple of tech books on boat repair and building.Report

  7. Avatar Christopher Carr says:

    I’m mostly reading Robbins’ pathology textbook chapters on cancer these days, to be followed up with hematology. I took a brief mental health break and started reading Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer, which is just fascinating. All of this will eventually work itself into a post. My prewriting is getting quite voluminous. Next up from me is the anatomy of the head and neck – maybe central nervous system too. I haven’t decided on the overall order.Report

  8. Avatar DensityDuck says:

    I was watching “Galaxy Rangers”. I didn’t know what I was watching back then, but now I realize that it’s basically animated tokusatsu–like, Power Rangers, only about ten years before Saban got the idea to dub a Super Sentai show.Report

  9. Avatar Miss Mary says:

    Sons of Anarchy is sooooo addicting. It’s literally all I’ve been watching for like two months and I’m almost to the end of what Netflix has available.Report