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  1. Miss Mary says:

    What a great partner you are! These weeks and it/or weekends married people get to step back in to singlehood again make the commitment-phobe in me take a break. I like it! I’ll get married again… If he has a job where he can travel occasionally ;).

    As per the usual, I’m working weekends now with the new job, but this weekend Junior is with his father. 🙁 I’ll miss the little guy, but it sure does save on day care expenses and Junior loves it. So after work I’m doing girl’s night! And at least one night making dinner for my bestie to thank him for the occasional babysitting he does. I have THE BEST friends. 🙂Report

  2. Burt Likko says:

    Dude you have to go back to Qatar? Didn’t sound like you enjoyed it much the first time.Report

  3. Glyph says:

    Kid’s birthday party tomorrow.

    On my quest to be six months behind everyone else, I hope to catch up on some Daredevil (watched the first two, pretty darn good – and that hallway fight is DEFINITELY an Oldboy homage; maybe The Raid also) and Mr. Robot.Report

  4. Chris says:

    My parents are coming next weekend, so I’m going to spend this weekend frantically cleaning, as my mother has mild (once quite severe) OCD, and if I don’t clean my home to within an inch of its life, she will. If anyone would like to come over and scrub, feel free.Report

  5. aarondavid says:

    My week of batching it has now turned into a month, which is just god-awful. A week is fun, a week is nice. A month is just lonely. Then again, I have a friend who is an officer in the Merchant Marine. Insanely good money (bought a house in SF when he was single) but two months at sea, followed by one month at home. I don’t know how his wife (also my friend) does it.Report

  6. Maribou says:

    Frantically rustling about trying to get everything sorted post-trip pre-just-found-out-this-week-about-our-houseguest.

    Looking forward to houseguest, also to gaming on saturday and spending time with friends on Sunday.Report

  7. Morat20 says:

    Playing Shadowrun: Hong Kong and getting my treadmill fixed. (Which, incidentally, was just completed! Drive belt was lose. Easy and quick fix, and I can get back to my program).

    Shadowrun has basically doubled down on plot and interactions. Seems like the enemies are a bit harder to fight, but there are even more options for avoiding it. Still not 100% sure on the new Matrix gameplay.

    Oh, and fixing my father’s new computer (Windows 8) so that it’s more like Windows 7 which he’s familiar with. He’s not sold on upgrading to Windows 10 (free) but I keep trying to tell him that nothing can be worse than Windows 8.Report

  8. John Howard Griffin says:

    Is anyone else excited about this?


    My boys are indescribably excited. Well…..and me too.Report

    • Yeah, that broadsword-style lightsaber pommel-guard looks pretty damn cool. Seems like it would be pretty practical, too — since as we know from previous movies, a good tactic for winning a lightsaber duel is to cut your opponent’s hand off (literally dis-arming him), having something to catch an opponent’s lightsaber on the way down would be a big help for those looking to not Become One With The Force just yet.Report

      • John Howard Griffin in reply to Burt Likko says:

        Yes, that’s certainly part of it.

        The part that has my boys so excited is that Finn is holding a lightsaber at the end. We think that he has Luke’s lightsaber that Vader cut off in Bespin. Actually, we’re pretty convinced.

        How did that happen?Report

        • John Howard Griffin in reply to John Howard Griffin says:


          Has any lightsaber passed through so many hands?

          Anakin->Obi Wan->Luke->Finn

          And, how did he find it on a gas planet? It must have stayed within the cloud city, and not fallen into the atmosphere (like Luke almost does).

          We also think (based on the footage) that Finn is woefully unprepared to use it. He’s not a Jedi, nor a padawan. Thought there are hints that Finn and Rey are both Force sensitive. Added to that is the fact that Kylo Ren created his lightsaber (assumed without the help of a Jedi or Sith).Report

          • Kolohe in reply to John Howard Griffin says:

            John Howard Griffin: and, how did he find it on a gas planet? It must have stayed within the cloud city, and not fallen into the atmosphere (like Luke almost does).

            Rewatching that scene just now on youtube to make sure my memory was right, the series of tubes only open up under Luke’s weight. Perhaps the saber didn’t have enough weight to activate the foreign object flushing mechanism in the ventilation(?) tubes.

            (edit- which then Lando’s people eventually come across, but why didn’t they just give it back to Luke via Lando? Bureaucracy?)Report

            • John Howard Griffin in reply to Kolohe says:

              Maybe the lightsaber passes on to one of Lando’s sons? We’ve been laughing about that one, but it’s not so far fetched.

              It is obvious that he (Lando) is a philanderer, not too dissimilar from Han, except maybe skin color (which apparently doesn’t seem to be much of an issue when there are aliens to think of as Others). A noble scoundrel, like Han.

              Maybe BB-8 gets the lightsaber to Finn? We’ve seen Rey and BB-8 together, and we’ve seen Finn and Rey together.

              (Stop thinking politics, like bureaucracy. This is Hollywood, right? There aren’t going to be slams against bureaucracy. Only certain targets are allowed, amirite?)Report

      • There are some moves across lines that would make me nervous if I were trying them with a cross-guard that could cut my hand(s) off. I’m not pinning my hopes on getting more than we did with Darth Maul’s two-ended light staff, which people loved at first glimpse — one fight sequence and that’s it. Given the apparent properties of the light blades — very little mass, highly selective inertia, ability to cut through anything but another light blade — I wouldn’t opt for a weapon styled on either a Japanese katana or a northern European long sword. Give me a Renaissance rapier and dagger combination.Report

        • John Howard Griffin in reply to Michael Cain says:

          Isn’t Kylo Ren’s lightsaber a representation of a northern (or Germanic, at least) longsword? That’s what the guards are supposed to give the impression of, right?

          I’ve always wondered what a second lightblade (in off hand, not ala Maul’s) would do to the fights.

          But,it’s all samurai’s, right? That’s the fighting style, with some poetic flourishes from other styles. Lightsabers are intended to be katanas, the ultimate or uber-katana, in a sense.

          It will be interesting to see how they bring a helmeted, longsword-bearing Kylo Ren into that strongly Eastern style without it really looking wrong or jarring. The expectations are strong with this one.Report

          • One of the interesting things is that before the contemporary ninja/Highlander sorts of myths, both the katana and the longsword were heavy infantry weapons: stand here, armored and shielded, shoulder to shoulder, and hold this piece of land; alternatively, go take that piece of land from similarly-equipped men. Individual combat with both weapons was an afterthought.

            The only place where steel got cheap enough for civilians was in Western Europe. The rapier and later the small sword were the weapons of choice when it was one-on-one sans armor. Thrusting weapons that were small, light, fast, capable of attack from odd angles. Weapons suited for an urban setting, largely worthless to the military. The kings in both France and England worked hard to stop the use of those, as they were too damned lethal and both countries were losing too many of the nobility.

            Because theatrical needs are different, all of these fights are unrealistic in two ways. Trivially, the footwork sucks — I don’t think there are any martial arts where coaches don’t complain about the students’ footwork. The more important is that the distance is far too short to be realistic. Exercise for the student — go find clips of Chuck Norris fighting full contact in competition; compare the distance between Chuck and his opponent there to the distance between fighters in Chuck’s movies and TV shows.Report

  9. Will Truman says:

    Looking at possibly adding another dog to the family. The downside is that it’s in Maine. Not sure if we want another dog at this point, but if we do I’ve found one that seems right. Except Maine, and that it’s younger and bigger than we would prefer.

    My house tried to kill me again. Chair leg snapped, leaving me a big scrape and thankful that my daughter did not repeat the F-word that I uttered as I fell backwards.

    Another mouse killed! Not discovered for a couple of days, though. I’d stopped checking since it had been so long.Report

    • zic in reply to Will Truman says:

      Maine’s pretty nice this time of year.

      The weather just broke, it smells like pine forest again.

      ETA: You’d see a lot of Foresters on the roads.Report

    • Chris in reply to Will Truman says:

      “Hey Bill, you think it’s OK to go in The Drawer again?”

      “I dunno, Hank. I dunno. I don’t think I’m ever going into The Drawer again. Not after what I saw the last time I was there.”

      [Flashback to Hank discovering the body of his lover, Susan, in the drawer, a look of fear, anger, and disgust on his face.]

      “But it’s The Drawer, man! The Drawer! How can you not go back to the drawer? The Drawer is irresistible. All mice go to The Drawer.”

      “It’s just… I can’t get that sight out of my head, man. I… [breaks down; sobbing] I’m never… going.. back… to The Drawer!”

      “Well, I’m going, damn it. I’m not going to let anything keep me from The Drawer!.”


  10. Will Truman says:

    Also! I forgot the biggest news in the Himmelreich-Truman household, which is that Lain is enrolled in pre-school. We’ve been dithering trying to figure out what we want and all of that, only to discover that there is only one option available in town. The good news for me is that it’s an Episcopal school! (No religion.)

    I’ve been reading too many parenting articles, though. Setting aside what eliminated most of our options (that she’s not three yet, not toilet trained), not a single school we talked to was filled up. The school we selected was happy to have her. Another was willing to try to accommodate the toilet training thing but there was only so much they could do. No waiting lists!Report

  11. KatherineMW says:

    Moving to Ottawa on Monday, and parents are visiting next week, which should be nice. I start my new job after Labour Day.Report

  12. Slade the Leveller says:

    High school football season starts this weekend, which means I’m starting my 24th as an official. Lots of talk about rough play this year.Report

  13. Michael Cain says:

    No political intent, just an observation from this AM’s bicycle ride: there are Bernie! yard signs out.Report

  14. Tod Kelly says:

    Sadly, I have a ton of work to do during a weekend where I could especially use some down time.

    All summer long, I keep waiting for that eventual winning down to happen — that moment where I can finally come up for air. And it keeps not happening. It’s good to be busy, I know. I just wish I weren’t so busy, just for a little while.Report