The Boy Who Kills

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  1. Avatar Richard Hershberger says:

    Dorothy goes to a new land and kills the first person she encounters. Sure, you reply, but that was an accident. Dorothy wasn’t to blame. OK, but then justify how she loots the body while it is still warm, keeping her loot even when the rightful heir claims the assets of the estate. Then she follows up this clearly unlawful conversion of property by stalking and murdering the heir. She is so clearly a threat that the head of state himself flees upon her return from her homicidal rampage.Report

    • Avatar North says:

      It’s been a long time since I read the book but didn’t the “Good Witch” conjure the shoes onto Dorothy’s feet from which they subsequently could not be removed?Report

      • Avatar zic says:

        The TV show Once Upon a Time totally depends upon this format. Grimm, too; though it’s a bit more muddled and grim for my tastes.Report

        • Avatar Kim says:

          Grimm isn’t nearly as grim as it could be. They aren’t going to run the Pedobear episode, after all… (the “historical” art for that’s bound to be amusing though…)Report

        • Avatar DavidTC says:

          Once Upon a Time hasn’t really managed to flip any of the stories I can think of, although it does tend to give villains a lot more depth.

          In Oz, the wicked witch really was wicked, and no one sent Dorothy to ‘kill’ her. But that *was* a trick by the wicked witch to fake her own death. (After which she pretends to be the Wizard of Oz to get rid of Dorothy.) But the bad guys and the good guys were still on the correct side, generally.

          In the alternate universe of the latest few episodes, everything was flipped, and the people who had previously been good guys were bad guys, and vis versa. But that’s not really flipping the morality of any of the stories.Report

      • Avatar Richard Hershberger says:

        I am more familiar with the (1939) movie version, especially since my seven-year old has recently declared undying devotion to it. In it, Glinda does magically transport them to Dorothy’s feet, but I don’t recall anything about they can’t be taken off.

        I will have to ask my daughter about how this plays out in the book. She is similarly devoted to that, and has read it about a half dozen times this summer.Report

        • Avatar North says:

          Yes depending on whether the book version follows suite (Wikipedia says only that the Witch of the North “Gives” them to Dorothy” it seems that she was more of a third party to some pretty cut throat intra-witch salvaging.Report

    • Avatar Kolohe says:

      The collapse of the witches was an inside job. (water can’t melt green women).Report

  2. Avatar Kolohe says:

    Robert Neville is perhaps the ur example.

    also related, this, from someone on reddit. (with an appreciation reply that made it even more epic)Report

  3. Bilbo did steal The Ring. Then his cousin Frodo went hundreds of miles out of his way to destroy it instead of just giving it back.Report

  4. Avatar James K says:

    Eleizer Yudkowsky’s Sword of Good is an interesting exploration of this concept.Report

  5. Avatar Vikram Bath says:

    There are a lot of these things out there.


    • Avatar zic says:

      I avoid Stephen King’s work.

      Salem’s Lot could have been modeled after West Paris, ME. That’s my neck of the woods.

      I’ve met him several times; mostly in summer. I sent his foundation a request for money to start a go-cart program at the local middle school; got a form letter back saying it would take up to a half-year before I got an answer. Couple of days later, I got a personal check in the mail from him, for half the amount I’d requested; and that program lasted until the man who taught was (successfully) treated for cancer.

      If I were to re-institute something similar today (that would be worth doing, I should do that;) I’d do it with RC and robotics.Report

  6. There’s a Russian version of LOTR in which the Mordorians are the good guys. You can read it for free here (licitly; the author didn’t even try to get the rights to publish it commercially in English.) My favorite bit is the death of the chief Nazgul. Aragorn challenges him to single combat, but has one of his henchmen sneak up and stab the Nazgul in the back.

    “You cheated,” repeated [the Nazgul], trying not to cough with the blood from his pierced lung slowly pooling in his mouth. “Even the knights of the North will not shake your hand.”

    “Of course they won’t,” laughed [Aragorn], “since they will be kneeling before the new King of Gondor! I beat you in an honest fight, one on one – so it shall be written in all the history books. As for you, they won’t even remember your name, I’ll make sure of that. Actually,” he stopped in midstride, hunting for the stirrup, “we can make it even more interesting: let you be killed by a midget, some tiny little dwarf with hairy paws. Or by a broad… yes, that’s how we’ll do it.”


  7. Avatar Jaybird says:

    To get all literary and $#!+, The Meursault Investigation tells the story of the brother of the murder victim of Camus’s Stranger and his memory of the murder of his brother.Report

  8. Avatar DavidTC says:

    Man, I was hoping this was scenes from Harry Potter re-framed in ominous ways, which you really could do…Harry does say he’s going to kill both Sirius and (I think) Voldemort, and obviously throwing magic around looks equally dangerous no matter what is done.

    And Harry was, several times, suspected of attacking people. So put that in, or, even better, put in people *denying* he did those, and denying he’s crazy. There are also, probably, some newspaper headlines from 5, 7, and 8.

    But the edited-together audio sorta ruined it for me. I think that is, in a way, cheating at these things. As is the very short clips edited together to make completely unrelated things look like the same scene. (Oh, look, Ron’s being dragged off, let’s pretend that’s what Harry is smiling at for some reason, despite the fact we’ve built up no antagonism between them.)

    So, no, don’t really like this one, despite the fact I like Harry Potter, and I generally like these ‘reframing the movie as something else’ videos.Report